Finding the perfect Omaha neighborhood is easier than you think! This guide to Omaha neighborhoods and entertainment districts will help you find an area of the city you'll fall in love with. 

Finding Your Ideal Home

The residential Omaha real estate market doesn't have to be complicated. Trust the experts at Nebraska Realty to find your dream home. We will sit down with you to go over your proposed budget and desired home qualifications like number of rooms, number of bathrooms, square footage, and more. At Nebraska Realty, our goal is to put you right where you want to be! We can help you find homes for sale in Omaha. 

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Find Homes in These Areas

Omaha, NE is a sprawling area with many different neighborhoods, each of which has its own unique traits. Neighborhoods we have real estate expertise in include but are not limited to:

  • Dundee
  • Happy Hollow
  • Regency
  • Fairacres
  • Benson
  • Little Italy
  • Downtown Omaha
  • Midtown Crossing
  • Florence
  • The Old Market
  • Millwork Commons
  • Aksarben 
  • Field Club
  • Gifford Park
  • Hanscom Park
  • Bernis Park
  • Ralston
  • Papillion
  • Bellevue
  • Midtown
  • Blackstone
  • South Omaha
  • Fontenelle Blvd
  • Linden Estates
  • Barrington Park
  • Country Club
  • Millard
  • Harvey Oaks
  • Skyline Ranches
  • Gretna
  • Candlewood
  • The Prairies
  • The Ridges
  • Eagle Run
  • West Shores
  • Newport Landing
  • Bennington
  • Blue Water



Dundee: this quaint and very historic neighborhood borders the University of Nebraska Omaha, and is where you can see gorgeous early 20th-century homes and very characteristic cast iron street lights that add to the neighborhood charm. 

A very sought-after neighborhood with numerous hip amenities, bars, and restaurants, this neighborhood was named one of the nation’s 10 best by the American Planning Association. 

Volunteers pitch in to plant over 475 flower baskets each March over Mother's Day weekend, adding to the natural beauty that already exists here. Some of not only the city but the state’s favorite dining and drinking spots are here, including the Dundee Dell, Dario’s Brasserie, Goldberg’s, Pitch Pizzeria, Jaipur, and Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob

You can’t visit without taking a peek at the modernized and revamped version of the silver screen and checking out the Dundee Theater. Proudly existing here since 1925 and before talking pictures were around, check out the place where the Sound of Music ran for nearly two years in the mid-1960s!


Happy Hollow: Happy Hollow is a neighborhood just SE of Memorial Park and is sometimes considered a part of the Dundee region. Residents love this area due to its walkability, historic background, family-friendly atmosphere, and stately architecture. Slightly different grocery options such as Cream of the Crop and the cozy nooks of The Bookworm are places off the beaten path that provide a variety and special touch that some nationwide chains just can’t compare with! Many of the homes here are European and Tudor style, and the happy residents of this community attend schools within the Omaha Public Schools District. 

Dundee Elementary School, Morton Magnet Middle School, and Mercy High School are a few of the options in Happy Hollow. The Elmwood 18 Hole Golf Course here in Happy Hollow is one of the oldest golf courses in the state and offers an excellent recreational and much-needed break from the daily grind.


Regency is a neighborhood in Omaha that occupies the inner boundaries of West Dodge Rd, South 96th Street, Interstate 680, and Pacific St. Here you'll find an abundance of green walking space, the tranquility and year-round appeal of Regency lake, and the recreational and lavish enjoyment of Regency lake and Tennis Club. 

Originally developed during the 1960s, you will be enjoying the many shops including the world-famous Borsheims jewelry store and movie theater of Westroads Mall, as well as all of the available amenities at One Pacific Place. Some of the neighborhood favorites for dining are Fleming’s Steakhouse, Wheatfields, Andres Tortillery, and 801 Chophouse. 

Wheatfields is a locally owned & independent bakery & restaurant, Wheatfields has become synonymous with the Regency area and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Fairacres: When Omaha’s population grew immensely in the mid-1800s, trolleys were built for convenient pedestrian travel North and South of the downtown business district. Much like when any town during those times acquired the convenience of the railroad arriving, growth and rapid development followed these lines as goods and services became easier to access. 

The homes that were built then still have the clout and rites of being some of the most eye-catching, most expensive, and sought-after in Omaha. 

Proudly listed in 2017 in the National Register of Historic Places, many of the residents here in the early days were wealthy enough to own automobiles for the four-mile commute to the city.


The Benson Neighborhood is where all of us at Nebraska Realty would definitely steer someone looking for a home that loves to have fun in all ways! It is one of those places that became very popular quickly, and predominantly consists of the stretch of Maple street between 60th and 65th streets where the bars and nightlife are vibrant and attract many different ages. 

1912 Benson has one of the best and lively-with-the-young rooftops for a drink in the city, and you’ll be catching national acts such as Dinosaur Jr. and The Afghan Whigs at the amazing-sounding and always well-attended Waiting Room Lounge. Infusion, The Benson Brewery, and Burkes Pub all have a neighborhood feel to them, and you can jazz up your Ms. Pacman or Galaga game at the Beercade. 

Some of the nearby schools are Benson West Elementary, Rose Elementary, Saint Bernard’s catholic school, Harrison elementary, and Monroe Middle School.


Little Italy is a very diverse, exciting, and historic location! It sees its boundaries as Center Street on the South, S 10th St on the West, the Missouri River on the east, and Pacific Street on the north. 

Little Italy's convenient proximity to downtown Omaha and the historic Vinton street gives you a taste of a city lifestyle, but some more domesticated and convenient features such as garages, backyards, and multiple levels. 

Very rich with tradition and possessing some characteristics that you’d see in the charming districts of Providence, Rhode Island or Boston, you’ll be walking past memorable Omaha landmarks such as Santa Lucia Hall, and enjoying the culinary goodness of spots like Via Farina, Orsi’s Italian bakery and Pizza, Archetype Coffee and others. 

Some of the schools for staff that care and truly want to make a difference while providing a diverse learning experience in Little Italy are Pine Elementary School and All Saints Catholic School.


Downtown Omaha has been bustling with a massive period of residential growth for over the past decade and offers the option of living near daily adventures in the Old Market and other attractions such as the Bob Kerrey pedestrian bridge with its vigorous and refreshing walk over the Missouri River. 

Here we are confident that you will enjoy the rich and eclectic combination of culture, things to do, dining and nightlife, and the midwestern ethos that can feel more welcoming than the larger cities to the West and North. 

Points of interest such as the Gene Leahy Mall, The RiverfrontJoslyn Art Museum, and the Rose Theater are nearby, and the Old Market has recently seen a detailed renovation and even more fantastic art and culture. 

When you buy a loft or condominium here, you'll have an immersive 123 pieces of public art to explore on foot! 

As far as dining, you are able to select from world-class and accessible options immediately, such as Le Bouillon, M’s Pub, Plank Seafood Provisions, Upstream Brewery, The Twisted Fork, V. Mertz, 801 Chophouse, and Tokyo Sushi. 

Some of the schools near downtown Omaha include Kellom Elementary, Central High School, Liberty Elementary, Omaha Virtual School, and Head Start Omaha Public Schools.


The RiverFront is a centralized gathering place for locals and a space where visitors can feel like a local, too. This public park serves as a gateway between the historic Old Market and north downtown Omaha while providing a scenic pathway down to the Missouri River’s shore. Already The RiverFront has spurred an additional transformation in downtown Omaha with new restaurants and retail space popping up in the surrounding areas, increasing the vibrancy of the city’s core. 

The RiverFront’s intentional design includes welcoming vast park spaces, extraordinary destinations such as the Arches Playground, Cascades interactive water feature, and the Skate Ribbon, along with deliberately maintained facilities. By providing enriching activities and unifying programming, 

The RiverFront provides a foundation for community connection, all anchored by the peacefully meandering Missouri River and its boundless resources.

  • Skate ribbon
  • Cascades interactive water feature
  • Dog parks
  • Walking paths
  • Greenspace
  • Music & performance venue
  • 40,000 square feet of lawn space 

The transformation of Gene Leahy Mall began in 2019, redesigning the entire area and raising the park up to street level, which added over 40,000 square feet of lawn space in the heart of Omaha’s urban core. 

Along with the preservation of park artifacts, The RiverFront renovations also added a number of new features including a performance pavilion for live music, a sculpture garden filled with interesting works of art, a state-of-the-art playground and a modern dog park.


Midtown Crossing is just minutes from downtown Omaha and offers 16 very hip and modern acres that provide retail, great restaurants, lavish living, and the perfect gateway to all the hot spots in the Old Market, Blackstone, Capital District, and even Dundee. 

Great local bands performing and outdoor movies shown at Turner park are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the things to do that you'll experience while living in Midtown Crossing! So many traits of this district allow you to have everything in one place, and it is one of the most sought-after locations in the Midwest for young professionals. 

With the excitement of downtown just minutes east and the charm of the Blackstone District, Dundee, and Happy Hollow to the West, there's also plenty to do right here if you feel like staying put. 

Nebraska Realty, Mutual of Omaha, and 316 Strategy Group all have offices in the Midtown Crossing area. 

Feeling hungry? This is a premiere spot for date night, as you are sampling from the scrumptious selections such as Modern Love, Proof, Pa Mas Taqueria & Grill, Smokin’ Oak & Wood-Fired Pizza, Alamo Drafthouse, The Black Oak, Farnam House Brewing Co., The Orleans Room, Taste of India, and SO many more!


Florence: this is a quaint and very flavorful neighborhood in north Omaha that is one of the first cities officially established in Nebraska. 

There are so many well-layered stories here worth telling that Florence has been called “The historic front door to Omaha as well as the entire state.” 

One of the most famous points of interest is the Mormon Trail Center, a museum that gives visitors an up-close snapshot of early Mormon area history, which is very prevalent in the area. One of the most interesting and distinct landmarks you can see in Florence today is the Florence mill, which was originally constructed by Brigham Young himself in 1846. 

Seeing all of these points of interest with enough history to be a “Hell on Wheels” story of its own will make you hungry, and you can sample eats from the likes of Oj’s Mexican, Harold's Koffee House, Finicky Franks, and the world-famous Zestos. 


The Old Market is where you’ll find the hip and trendy, but also a great place for anyone in Omaha to check out the awesome arts and entertainment, shopping and services, dining and drinks, and very urban and luxurious big-city style living spaces. 

The charming cobblestone streets and blissful sensory overload of exploring this area on foot is just one of many great reasons to live here, and landmarks such as the Durham Museum have also taken up residence in this amazing collage of lifestyles and busy everyday commerce. 

This is the kind of big city district with Midwestern charm that has something to offer for every season and you'll have no trouble at all finding a trendy yet delicious place to eat here: Blue Sushi, Brickway Brewery, Dolci, Godega Market, Harney Street Tavern, Hiro 88, Le Bouillon, M’s Pub, Plank Seafood Provisions, Spaghetti Works, The Twisted Fork, and Upstream Brewing all are among the mouth-watering suspects making it hard to even decide when it comes time to properly hit the town!

Over 13 million tourists descend on Omaha every year. Many of them visit the historic Old Market in Omaha. 


Millwork Commons is a historic and attractive neighborhood in Omaha that saw its first bricks laid in the 1880s, as so many other vibrant sections of this city did. 

During a period of bustling innovation, invention, and massive industrial progress, residents who found work in the mills and furniture makers and other artisan experts populated this neighborhood quickly. 

There are now more than 60 companies calling the renovated master craft building home, in the area has been a perfect blueprint for community growth not just in the Midwest, but all of the nation. 

Furry urban and progressive living environments such as the Hello Apartments are found here, and any creative soul, artist, or techie would be pleased to call Millwork Commons home. 

Smell the outstanding eating nearby establishments like Sullivan’s Steakhouse, The Nosh Restaurant and Wine Lounge, Omaha Prime, Dynamite Wood Fire Grill, J Gilbert's Wood Fired Steaks and seafood, Monarch, The Boiler Room, and V. Mertz.


Aksarben has consistently been one of Omaha’s most popular destinations for those who want to bet on a horse, check out the Colosseum, and the many other facilities here like ice skating in minor league sports. 

Throughout Omaha history, the Knights of Aksarben have long been an extreme blessing and bounty of extensive business knowledge, political leadership, and cutting edge of innovative development. This was an area that immediately flourished in the heart of Omaha because of how walkable the concept was from the beginning, providing people of all interests something to do with easy access. 

Right here there are amazing places to grab some grub such as Inner Rail, Sonny's, Saffron Indian Cuisine, Kinkaider Brewing Company, Beacon Hills restaurant, DJ's Dugout, the Gold Mountain Restaurant, Green Valley, Oklahoma Joes, Voodoo Taco, and Zoup Eatery

There are very convenient and luxurious places to live here such as 64 Avenue, the Broadmoor in Aksarben Village, Q, and the always amazing and hip Pinhook Flats.


Field Club is a neighborhood located within the convenient and activity-rich boundaries of the Midtown region. 

This is a great neighborhood to check out historic homes, and take in some of the most solid and diverse architecture in the nation! Much like many other neighborhoods, it became a convenient place to live once a new trolley system provided the essential link residents needed to the bustling city center. 

Here you can get an up close and personal view of The Gerald R. Ford Birthsite and Gardens, or enjoy traditional events such as the hot spicy annual Chili Cook-Off, Luminary Night, or Uncle Sam’s favorite in the form of the Field Club Fourth of July Parade. 

A pillar of the type of Midwestern values people are seeking when they move here, The Field Club neighborhood also provides great eats with warm and congenial spots such as Sunnyside on Center, Carter & Rye, Vis Major Brewing Co, Abelardo’s, Greek Islands, or the legendary and always mandatory mouth-watering burger at nearby Dinker’s.  


Gifford Park is a charming and historical neighborhood also situated within Midtown, it is also a very iconic and unique spot regarding Omaha history. This neighborhood was part of one of the first actual legitimate claims in Omaha city and is named after Harold Gifford who was the donor of the zoned land that later became Gifford Park. 

Gifford Park Elementary School was just opened in 2019, and provides a first-rate educational option for those just moving here to experience the booming city of Omaha or those who have long enjoyed its hospitality and explosive economic growth! 

Some great places to grab a delicious and hearty bite to eat is the Dos De Oros food truck, Cali Taco, Myrtle & Cypress Coffee, and others. Danny’s Corner store is conveniently located for those needing to grab a few of the essentials on the way home from work. 


Hanscom Park is a beautiful and tranquil neighborhood located in Midtown Omaha and is the historic location marking the birthplace of Gerald R. Ford. 

This house was at 3232 Woolworth Avenue and is now remembered with an awesome Omaha landmark of the Gerald R. Ford Birthsite and Gardens. The original park here which was developed by the city of Omaha in 1889 was, at the time, the only finished park in the city, with two lakes and a large expanse of beautiful flower beds. 

On the more moderate side of things, the Brandeis indoor tennis courts facility is also located here, and this is also known as one of the most dog-friendly neighborhoods in Omaha! Neighbors love living here because it is welcoming right from the start, quiet, and has awesome stomach-satisfying restaurants nearby. 


Bemis Park: This is a historic district located in North Omaha bordered by Cuming Street to Hawthorne Avenue, and 33rd street to Glenwood Avenue. 

Officially designated as an Omaha landmark in 1983, it was planned during days of massive growth in1889. This neighborhood is known for very old and beautiful trees, as it was the first region in the city to be laid out by topography rather than the standard grid pattern incorporated by the rest of Omaha. 

When we went exploring this gem of a neighborhood to check out the architecture, many of the homes were Neo-classical and Queen Anne Style, and there is a gorgeous park here donated to the city by the famed developer George Bemis, who had a huge hand in developing the system of boulevards here in Omaha. 

Some of the standout places to grab an awesome bite here in the Bemis neighborhood. Sweet Magnolias, an award-winning bakery is situated next door to the iconic Lisa’s Radial Cafe!  


Ralston is still close enough to the metro to enjoy an abundance of city excitement but provides the ideal work-life balance you would find in any smaller community. 

Bordered on the south by the City of La Vista, your kids will love attending Ralston High School, Ralston Middle School, Blumfield Elementary, Karen Western Elementary, or Meadows Elementary. 

This great place to live began growing in size during the boom of the 1950s, and residents will enjoy the variety of acts from country, rock, rap, and the excitement of the Omaha Rollergirls at the Ralston Arena. 

The Granary District is one of the newest entertainment districts in the Omaha metro area. Located in the heart of Ralston, the granary district is an up-and-coming space for everyone including entrepreneurs, families, students, and more. The granary district is a vibrant live-work and play community in the center of Omaha! 

Some of the best places to round up your family and friends for a hearty bite to eat here are El Dorado, Ralston Keno, Agave Azteca, Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant, Maria’s Mexican,  King Kong, The Sojourn Café, Bushwackers, and the Granary District!  


Papillion is a suburb south of Omaha that is nationally famous for its high quality of life, small-town mantra, and an incredibly strong economy. 

Rightly named to Money Magazine’s “Best Places to Live” list six times since 2007 and consistently ranked as high as number 2, there are also four top-notch recreation areas here in Papillion for you to enjoy with the entire family. 

Enjoying the bases-loaded action at Werner Park and seeing the local Storm Chasers play ball, or trying your hand at 18 holes of action at Eagle Hills and Terry Hills golf courses are both unique pastimes to take in as well. 

Some of the schools here to enrich and educate the younger ones in your troupe are Patriot Elementary, Prairie Queen Elementary, Rumsey Station Elementary, Trumbull Park Elementary, Walnut Creek Elementary, Liberty Middle school, and Papillion Junior High School, and Papillion-La Vista South High School. 

Nebraska Realty has a real estate office located in the heart of Papillion in the wildly popular Midland Place shopping center. 

Some of the locations where you’ll be delightfully licking your chops after visiting for eats are Ollie and Hobbes Craft Kitchen, La Mesa, Spin Neapolitan Pizza, El Vallarta, Spezia Fine Italian, Thai Orchids, Dragon Café, Hunan Palace, Bomb Taco, Grailey’s Ice Cream, Ming’s Restaurant, Stella’s Bar and Grill, and The Summer Kitchen Café & Bakery.


Bellevue is a city directly south of Omaha with amazing views of the Missouri River and a very strong and constantly high-ranking economy. Many families and young professionals move here from other states and from right here in Nebraska to experience a relatively low cost of living, low crime, and award-winning education systems from preschool to post-grad as predominant characteristics of this city. 

Known for always having a place in the shade UN quote there are over 600 acres of parks, many miles of paved and wooded trails, and numerous other recreational areas to enjoy the outdoors year-round.

The settlement of Bellevue began when a first trading post was built by Joshua Pilcher in 1822, who was the acting president of their very successful Missouri Fur Company out of Saint Louis. Fort Crook was later named and recognized as what is now known as Offutt Air Force Base, which has spurred many jobs and massive population growth here in Bellevue.

Just some of the many things to do here are a scenic walk through Fontenelle Forest Nature Center and Wildlife area, getting the ideal adrenaline fix at Tree Rush Adventures, fall-themed fun at the Bellevue Berry and Pumpkin Patch, the Sarpy County Museum, the challenging sand traps and fairways of Tregaron Golf Course, Willow Lakes Golf Course, and Athena Arms Shooting Range. 

Some memorable restaurants here in Bellevue are Stella’s Bar and Grill, John’s Grecian Delight, Golden Bowl Chinese Restaurant, First Watch, Ono Pinay Kitchen, Sinful Burger Sports Grill, and Roma Italian Restaurant, Han’s Golden Dragon, Izmir Gyro House, and Luigi’s Italian Restaurant.


Midtown is “The Crossing” just West of downtown Omaha which is a great place to explore on foot, as many convenient amenities in one spot, and a delightfully urban flair. Here resides almost 300 luxury condominiums, 196 apartment units, and Turner Park, inviting green space and a prime destination for outdoor gatherings that are mostly free of charge.

This very future embracing and the sustainable area is bordered by Dodge St on the north, Turner Blvd on the East, Harney Street on the South, and 33rd St on the West. 

You’ll love walking downstairs or around the corner to Wohlner’s Neighborhood Grocery & Deli, which offers an award-winning selection of fresh produce, choice meat, world-class wines, salsa, hearty entrees, and healthy salads. Incredibly talented local artist Watie White has three permanent murals in the Midtown neighborhood, including “Monday night movies” which is a gorgeous ode to the Silver Screen on the side of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. 

There are so many fantastic and unique options for food here in midtown: Liquid Sunshine Taproom, Modern Love, Pa Mas Taqueria & Grille, Proof, Ray’s Wings, Pizza, and drinks, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Smoke and Oak Wood-Fired Pizza, and Taproom, and Yummy 365 are just some of the options to meet and gather with family or your best new friends here! 

The Element Hotel, dog-friendly provides welcome guests with everything they need to be more productive and relaxed during their stay here in Omaha, within proximity to UNMC Medical Center, the Old Market, the Blackstone District, and the entertainment and leisure options of Dundee. 

You can even get a fresh haircut at Arlan’s Barber Shop right in the heart of Midtown Crossing! 


Blackstone has been one of the most heavily-renovated areas of Omaha in recent years, and it shines through very unique and with its original sense of charm. 

Like many other areas of Omaha, Blackstone's history began in the mid-1880s, when these amazing residences were constructed in an expansion from South Omaha towards the West.

During the Great Depression, many of the large mansions were converted into more economical boarding houses and, sadly enough, funeral homes, which helped pave the way for the nickname “Funeral Home Row”. 

Many deem this as the home of the classic Rueben Sandwich, whose mouthwatering original recipe is available at the amazing and friendly staple of the Crescent Moon Ale House. It’s always fun to pop into Noli’s Pizzeria to sample East Coast-style slices, and succulent Italian desserts. 

Other fine and very trendy places to eat here are Ansel’s Bagels, the Blackstone Meatball, Butterfish, The Coneflower Creamery, Darbar Indian Cuisine, the Early Bird, Mula, Stirnella, Mula Mexican, Nolis Pizza, and the Switch. 

Our choice for something completely out of the ordinary yet ideal for a romantic night? Try a cucumber or jalapeno margarita at Mula, the delightfully noisy and cheerful bar on the north side of Farnam. 

The progressive, artistic, and type of Omaha resident who loves to volunteer and be politically active are just a few of the types who adore calling the Blackstone District home.


South Omaha is an instrumental cog in the wheel of where it all began in Omaha, which had initially coined the name “Magic City '' because of how fast it seemed to grow so fast out of nowhere. It was very rural much like a lot of the other districts here until the early 1880s when legendary cattle king Alexander Hamilton swan finalized plans to build a stockyard just South of Omaha. 

The stockyards drew many different ways of immigrants and gave this area appointment and hardworking feel much like the yards did in Chicago during the same time period. By 1947, there were more than 15,000 individuals employed by the meatpacking industry here. 

There are so many historical landmarks to see here in South O: the Broatch Building, Center School, Elsasser Bakery, The Ford Hospital, Gallagher Building, Immaculate Conception Church and School, the Little Bohemia District, The Prague Hotel, and St Martin of Tours Episcopal Church are just some of the very old structures here to admire. 

Some of the outstanding restaurants here include Johnny’s Café, El Alamo, El Jalapeno, Guaca Maya, Howard’s Charro Café, Jacobo’s, The Lithuanian Bakery & Café, and Louie M’s Burger Lust, and Taqueria La Esmerelda.


Fontenelle Blvd was originally created in Omaha for wagons and horses in the early 1890s to be able to get around the city easier. After 1898 the city wanted more expansion, and this was when the name Fontenelle Blvd was originally created. It was a much-needed connector of the Benson neighborhood to Florence and underwent a massive rebuilding project at the NW Radial Highway in the 1950s.

The Nebraska Children’s Home Society was the original builder of one of the state’s very first orphanages here in 1885, and in 1919 the holy name Catholic Church was constructed, which is one of the most frequented landmarks in the area. 

As you’ll love living here near a vital artery with rich cultural history, the nearby schools for your young loved ones are Belvedere Elementary School, St, Richard, McMillan Magnet Middle School, and Omaha North Magnet High School. Some of the dwellings here have characteristics such as those in Little Italy and Happy Hollow, with a comforting charm and living vibe that only older Omaha can possess.


Linden Estates is where the upper edges of society in Omaha live, and holds an amount of prestige and luxury touch that not many other regions can touch!

It was officially annexed by the city of Omaha in 2008, situated in the Millard public school district. Recent sale prices of the immaculate and lavish homes here have ranged from $450,000 all of the way up to $2,500,000, and are still selling for about 6.4% over list price as of summer 2022. 

You probably won’t find a much safer neighborhood in Omaha, as well as a dog-friendly resident’s upscale and accessible paradise! Students in Linden Estates can opt to attend Ezra Elementary School, Kiewit Middle, and Millard North High. 

This is an excellent neighborhood to purchase a pool table, create a full-scale game room or man cave, and find amazing outdoor furniture for the win and multiple high-end soirees you’d like to have right at home!


Barrington Park is located inside the city limits of Omaha and is made up of 250 lots. This neighborhood is situated within the unparalleled and multiple award-learning Millard School District and features two large tennis courts and quick access to the West Papio Trail. 

This is one of those neighborhoods where you can truly find the house that makes every single one of your dreams come true and live in a storybook landscape with a modern touch of elegance.

This is the type of neighborhood where those who chased the American dream full-on get to leisurely reap their rewards. 

The average age here at Barrington Park is 53, and you’ll be enjoying the awesome brunch waffles and joe at La Peep, as well as the Hiro 88 and the, smothered and festive delights at La Mesa Mexican Restaurant.


Country Club is a strikingly beautiful Omaha neighborhood that was established in 1926 and offers up amazing places for you to live constructed between 1925 and 1949. 

The predominant style here is 19th and 20th-century revival, in this community so its very own addition to the National Register of historic places in 2004. In 1860 it was officially documented that 161 acres of land were transferred to Albert Steward under the guise of the general land office warrant 21239 by President James Buchanan. 

In 1900, owners made the choice to sell their land holdings to the original Omaha Country Club, which held onto the lavish property until 1924, when the title of ownership was transferred to Woods Bros Silo & Manufacturing Co. 

Ultimately ending up in the hands of Country Club District, Inc. in 1926, it was then supposed to be in place to develop affordable homes with a touch of elegance and distinct class. 

Characteristic of this prized and charming area are wide streets, tranquil views, and streetlights like Happy Hollow and Dundee’s. An amazing tradition to see with the entire family is the winter luminary event, as residents placed luminaries on the neighborhood sidewalks along the walkways, beautifully adding their own dose of cheer to what are the longest nights of the year.


Millard is a southwest Omaha suburb that was originally platted in 1870 by famous Canadian Ezra Millard, who originally found a settlement in Iowa from Canada. 

They moved to Omaha in 1856 and officially began their endeavor in the form of the Land office of Barrows, Millard, and Co. 

Every year you can enjoy diverse all-American and Midwestern suburban spirit as Miller Days includes the seasonal fun of a car show, horse races, activity tent, balloon animals, tractor pull, and free ice cream for everyone in attendance! 

This is one of the most highly-regarded school districts in the state, and your young ones will be attending top-ranked branches such as Hitchcock elementary school, Upchurch elementary school, Grace Abbott Elementary School, and Aldrich elementary, Willowdale elementary school, and Willa Cather Elementary School. High Schools designated for Millard are Keith Lutz Horizon School, Millard North, Millard South, and Millard West. 

A few great places to enjoy a night out and away from your own home dining room table are Capri, Pacific Eating House, Javi’s Tacos, Everett’s, 402 Eat + Drink, Timber Creek Pizza Pub and Grill, The Stoakin’ Goat, Ling’s Asian Cuisine, Pa Mas Taqueria, Potbelly’s Sandwich Shop, KoKo’s Korean Chicken, Shirley’s Diner, Backlot Pizza + Kitchen, Reagan’s Lobster Roll Shop, Smokin’ Barrel BBQ, El Alambre, Arirang, Fleming’s Steakhouse, and Kinara.


Harvey Oaks is located just west of the popular Rockbrook neighborhood, near the intersection of 144th Street and West Center. 

Here you’ll love catching a movie at newly renovated theaters near Oakview Mall, browsing for eyeglass-inspiring goodies and games at Half Price Bookstore, or taking lessons for someone of any age from the pros at Dietze Music. 

You’ll find many split-level ranch homes, a very family-oriented atmosphere, and an excellent region to watch the season change in well-shaded and “most definitely West” Omaha’s gem of Harvey Oaks. 

Prices here range from $180,000 to around $400,000, and it’s a fantastic area for any middle to upper-middle-class family to experience everything great about settling in the prosperous and warm Midwest. 

Some great places to celebrate family events and foodie fun are Rosati’s Pizza, Zaika Indian Cuisine, Desi Bites, Observatory Bar and Grill, Mai Thai, The Rusty Nail, Genji Japanese Steakhouse, Piezon’s Pizzeria, Zio’s, A+ Buffet and Mongolian Grill, Hurry Bird, Pan Asian Terrace, Chicago Dog 42, Panda House, Old Chicago, Star Indian Cuisine, Vincenzo’s, and Romeo’s Mexican Food & Pizza.


Skyline Ranches: it was sometime around 1960 when the land owned by the name of Slim Thornton had dreamt up big plans to build a much different type of residential community.

On the outskirts of Omaha and at a location that, at the time, was all by its lonesome in the beautiful country, Slim got to creating Skyline Ranches. 

Lots were planned with big enough sizes that would remind homeowners that they had chosen to live away from the confines of urban crowding. 

In a drastic effort to avoid annexation, the city of elkhorn made an official effort to annex neighboring communities in Douglas County on their own to halt the impending threat from the city of Omaha. 

The Skyline Ranches neighborhood was born when residents Jim Patton and Bob Peterson made the choice to team up with everyone else who loved where they live so much and began their very own property owners association.

You'll most definitely enjoy having access to the skyline corral, we're horse owners get to practice on a rodeo arena complete with competition-style shoots and a stock pen, and a 4H arena with awesome spectator stands and an observation tower. 

We know here at Nebraska Realty how important it is to get every member of your family (and pets as well!) outside year-round for exercise, and Skyline Ranches has a trail system with over 150 acres of common land to snowmobile, ski ride and walk on that you can access directly from your back door! 

Some A1 places here to grab an amazing bit to eat are Jukes Ale Works, El Bees, Bronco’s Family Restaurant, Freddy’s Frozen Custard, Bravo, Oscar’s Pizza, Sam & Louie’s, The Good Life Burger Spot, Lo Sole Mio Ristorante, Five Spice Inc, Javi’s Tacos and the many eating options you can find at Village Pointe.  


Gretna Gretna’s origins shortly after the Burlington Railroad was completed between Ashland and Omaha in the summer of 1886. 

There is only one lone marker left today from the original nearby trading post to Forest City which was located about 3 miles southwest of where Gretna now is: When the railroad was finally completed, Forest City did not stand much of a chance as far as competing with commerce by way of rail. 

The land that now makes up great enough has been realized for its massive potential by the Lincoln land company who plotted the townsite outside leading to the village’s incorporation in July of 1889. 

Just a few of the great things to do here are getting into the spirit of fall at Vala’s Pumpkin Patch, Experiencing the massive and transparent chapel structure at Holy Family Shrine, or taking a tour that represents some of the greatest moments in American history at the Strategic Air & Space Museum. 

Some of the best places to cure the empty-stomach syndrome here in Gretna are Potbelly Sandwich Shop, Roati’s Pizza, Backlot Pizza & Kitchen, We’ll Smoke U BBQ, El Vallarta, MacDaros Pub & Pizzeria, Langodn’s Bar & Grill, Ammo Box Café, Billy’s Gretna Café, Lansky’s, Fleming’s Steakhouse, Timber Creek Pizza Pub & Grill, The Sand Bucket, El Alambre Mexican Restaurant, and The Modern Waffle. 

Your children will be attending some of the best schools in the state as Aspen Creek Elementary, Gretna Elementary, Palisades Elementary, Whitehall Creek Elementary, Gretna Middle School, and Gretna High School are a few of your public options.


Candlewood is between 132nd and 120th streets and is situated North of the Dodge Expressway and South of Blondo Street. In June of 2022, the median home price here was $375,000, averaging about $120 per square foot. 

You’ll be situated near the many shopping and entertainment options at Westroads Mall, and be able to practice your long drive and sand trap action at the nearby Miracle Hills Golf Course. 

Excellent educational opportunities for your children here in one of West Omaha’s most charming and spacious neighborhoods are Columbian Elementary School, Beveridge Magnet Middle School, and Burke High School. Here are found many split-entry style, ranch, and multi-level floor plans, and one activity that is a favorite among many residents here is the 4th of July fireworks show, bringing everyone together at a time when warm nights, food, and fellowship are the most serene and rewarding! 

Some of the best places close to the Candlewood neighborhood for a fun family lunch or dinner are Flagship Commons, The Cheesecake Factory, Mahogany Prime Omaha, Spezia, Hiro 88, Le Voltaire, Railcar Modern American Kitchen, Dolce, Jerico’s, Pasta Amore, Timber Wood Fired Bistro, P.F. Changs, Wave Bistro, Gorat’s Steak House, Beacon Hills, A Foreign Taste, Lola’s Café, and Saffron Urban Indian Kitchen.


The Prairies is situated in the very-desired Elkhorn School District and is located between West Center and Pacific Streets along Skyline Drive in West Omaha. 

These are homes built a bit further away from the city for luxury living and the best days of your life and entertaining guests with multi-featured pride! 

One of this very popular area’s newest and highly sought-after communities, you’ll be able to enjoy private swimming during scorching Nebraska summers, and a selection of designs for new construction that doesn’t have a single old-fashioned thing about them!

Found in this exclusive neighborhood are homes that include lavish and appealing kitchen islands, enough space for refinished basements and home theaters, and many additional bedrooms and bathrooms for extended holidays and college-aged family members home from school. 

If everyone around the house during downtime is complaining that “They are bored with nothing to do”, there are great attractions in nearby Elkhorn such as Prehistoric Putt and Bryson’s Airboat Tours in Fremont. 

Some of the great places to gather around the table away from home nearby are Rosati’s Pizza, The Stokin’ Goat, Jukes Ale Works, Mouth of the South, The Hill, Barrel & Vine, Bella Vita, Simply Delicious, Backlot Pizza, The WestEnd Lounge, Lazlo’s Brewery, and Grill, Capri, Maximo’s Cantina, Pacific Eating House, Tavern 180, Buck’s Bar & Grill, Farmer Brown’s Steak House, Double Zero Pizzeria, and Bawarchi Indian Cuisine.


The Ridges is a very sought-after and high-end square mile of homes with 13 subdivisions situated from 180th street to 196th St between Pacific and center in West Omaha. We’d even go so far as to say its “just a bit like the Hamptons of the Midwest '', with some homes valued at well over a million dollars.

 The Shadow Ridge Golf Course is located inside this community, and it has just undergone renovation and re-design by renowned golf course architects Jackson Kahn Design, drastically improving the memorable fairway site lines, lush surroundings, and challenging bunkers. 

The Ridges is a part of the Elkhorn School District, which has stellar marks from Greatschools for their Summary Rating, Student Progress Rating, Academic Progress Rating, and College Readiness Rating.

The Ridges is so amazing in every way that you won’t be able to wait to have your besties over and enjoy the luxury space, but when you do venture out some of the great places for food nearby are Bravo! Italian Kitchen, Mouth of the South, Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, Pitch West Omaha, Kona Grill, Tavern 180, Saltgrass Steak House, Capri, Pacific Eating House, The Hill, Kobe, Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse, and Foxy Sushi.



Eagle Run is a suburban and characteristically upscale subdivision located between 127th and 132nd, South of Maple Street and North of Corby St. First, let’s “GET TO THE GOLF” end of things here, one of the traits that make this West Omaha neighborhood so special for anyone who is learning or seasoned at power wedge handling and escaping very hard-to-navigate sand traps! 

There are actually two separate courses here: The Links is of the more challenging variety, and the Meadows is a par 3 course for those of us who are still gracefully learning! I-680 is nearby, which is very convenient for working commuters, and the numerous shops and activities at Westroads Mall are as well. 

St. Vincent DePaul Catholic Church and Parson’s House Senior Living also call the Eagle Run neighborhood home! 

The Maple Street Corridor offers a 20-screen movie theater, local grocery staples such as Baker’s, and Michael’s Arts and Crafts. Rosati’s Pizza, The Stokin’ Goat, Copal Mexican Cuisine, Railcar Modern American Kitchen, Jojo’s Diner West, Brushi Bistro & Bar, Burrito Envy, A Foreign Taste, Omaha Kebabs, Acadian Grille Scratch Kitchen, Omaha Tap House – Pepperwood, Hurry Bird, Salween Thai, Khao Niao, Dolce, Rivera’s Mexican Food, and Golden Palace are some of the fantastic choices for nourishment here before a night out OR in!


West Shores is a very unique 640-acre residential lake community that is at the furthest tip of West Omaha’s expanse at the intersection of Hwy 275 and West Dodge Rd in Waterloo Nebraska. Homesteaded, owned, and farmed by the Kenney family until 1963, West Shores is now a premier lake community in the Omaha area. 

If you have ever had a taste for Cape Cod, Pompano Beach, Miami, or any other place where you are constantly in/around beautiful water, you are going to love it here! Here you’ll get to enjoy things every day such as a very modern children’s park, a beautiful walking trail, a recreational island, and a marine equipped with fuel pumps to keep the fun going. 

Inside the marina, there is an event center that can be reserved, and this is a residential location that truly allows for a necessary escape from the urban grind. Casting out the pole for relaxation and escape will yield you Bluegill, Wipers, and Walleye as well as Tiger Muskie that the lake is stocked with. 

The West Douglas County School District is where you’ll be sending the younger ones the troupe off to daily, as Douglas County West Elementary, Middle, and High Schools all have stellar performance track records that have gained national merit.


Newport Landing currently has about 30 land lots and 10 lake homes for sale, and much like the Newport of the famed “Meet Joe Black” film location, offers you many great views and abundant tranquility! The large and very luxurious homes here frequently sell for well over $1,000,000, and it is one of those benchmark places to reside where you can thoroughly enjoy everything you've worked your entire life for. 

This is one of Nebraska’s most sought-after lake communities and is just 15 minutes away from the amenities and outdoor events at Midtown Crossing

This neighborhood now spans 280 acres and features several inlets, and coves, in two islands in the middle of a gorgeous Nebraska stretch of clear blue water. 

The waters are spring-fed, giving this entire subdivision an eco-friendly and natural feel. You can get ready for some thrills and action with jet skis, or just have a mellow night out with guests and enjoy the peace and great marina-style atmosphere on a pontoon boat. 

Catfish, crappie, bass, and bluegill are also a few other “residents” here that you can try to lure and catch, and there’s also a picnic shelter ideal for reunions and even to bust out the mat for an impromptu Yoga session! 

One of the breathtaking properties here was featured by “Edge” Magazine, and they claimed that the structure and living here overall was “a perfect blend of opulence and tranquility”.

Newport Landing does have a public access dock for fishing!


Bennington was originally called “Bunz Town” and became known as Bennington when the Railroad that connected Fremont to Elkhorn and Missouri Valley was completed in the 1880s. 

Named after a sister town in the Northeastern corridor in scenic Vermont, living here provides a suburban vibe, and a bit more conservative lifestyle, geared towards family values, football on Saturdays, and always a commitment to helping your neighbor. 

The median house here in bedding centers around $230,000 and the area is served by Blue Sage Elementary, Bennington Middle School, Arbor View Elementary, Bennington Elementary, Heritage Elementary, and Anchor Pointe Elementary schools. Local businesses here are exponentially thriving, and this is a place where everyone pitches in and helps out if a family in the area is struggling for any reason. 

Hidden away from much of the big-city noise and population, Bennington is one of those “true gems” where you can continue your studies and commute to Omaha, or start a new family of your own and enjoy a very wholesome and united community. 

One of the most rewarding outings here is the Glacier Lake Preserve, where you can take in these very scenic trails and try to locate the hidden old cemetery in the NE corner! 

A particularly awesome afternoon activity during the fall months, Glacier Lake Preserve has 525 acres of picturesque rolling hills, with an entire sub-watershed on site. 

A few of the 5-star places to eat in the area when you’re done are The Warehouse, Nate’s Stumble Inn Bar & Grill, A Foreign Taste, Deer Creek Sports Cantina, Khao Nia Thai, Pizzeria Davlo, Dragon Wok, Rosati’s Pizza, Abelardo’s Mexican Fresh, Geno’s Bar and Grill, Wave Bistro, and Tanner’s Bar & Grill.


Blue Water is an inviting and diverse subdivision just outside of Omaha that has an illustrated and deeply woven century of “clear blue” inspired history! Everyone who has ever thought about buying a home has most definitely wondered about having one on the water with the endless possibilities,  but the notion has generated much more action with homebuyers over the last decade! 

Families and young professionals here in the Omaha metro are realizing that it would provide an element of calm, a great opportunity for recreation, and an excellent and memory-making holiday spot to have a property right on the pristine banks of the water. 

Here you’ll enjoy just being about 10 miles from Village Pointe, and be having “constant playtime” for kids or adults on land that was once a gravel and sand operation. 

We know that we are landlocked here in the Cornhusker state, but the sandal and sunscreen-ready news for those who love fun and sun is that there are 7 miles of sandy beach within the Blue Water area, and you’ll be eager to set up the volleyball net and fill the cooler in no time. 

When all of the fun you’ve been having gives you a hearty appetite, some of the top-notch places to eat here and around the Valley area are Simply Delicious Restaurant, Spruce St. Tavern, Farmer Brown’s Steak House, El Bee’s, Yutan Kitchen Chinese Restaurant, The Dog House Saloon, The Fire Barn Sports Bar & Grill, Ponderosa, The Outer Limits Bar and Grill, and Bella Vita Ristorante.


As you can see, there are many Omaha neighborhoods and areas to choose from and our local realtors at Nebraska Realty have the expertise to help you find the perfect fit. 

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the local area and can help find a neighborhood that meets your needs. 

Please do not hesitate to ask questions about different areas. Our friendly team is available to answer any questions about the Nebraska housing market. 


Omaha has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment. Part of the home buying process includes finding an area with amenities that suit your lifestyle. This includes Aksarben Village, The Old Market, The Blackstone District, The Capitol District, Benson, and Midtown Crossing. 

  • Aksarben Village
  • The Old Market
  • The Blackstone District
  • The Capitol District
  • Benson
  • Midtown Crossing
  • The Granary District 


Arksaben is a historic part of Omaha and at one point was one of its most popular destinations. It is famous for its horse racing track and once featured a grandstand, coliseum, and other notable facilities that hosted all kinds of concerts, sports, rodeos, and more. It was founded by Knights of Aksarben, a local philanthropic organization that contributed to development in Omaha. 

Now, Aksarben Village is an epicenter of walkable shops, entertainment, restaurants, bars, and green spaces. There are plenty of family-friendly activities at Stinson Park. Patrons can also enjoy a night out on the town with the number of high-quality bars and restaurants spread throughout the area. 

The Old Market

Omaha's historic Old Market popped up towards the end of the 19th Century when Omaha was a hotbed of activity because of its railroad connections. 

The area was owned by the Mercer family and it was Sam Mercer who decided to revamp the failing warehouses into new spaces. He decided to add restaurants and other entertainment centers in the area and the area has since evolved to include more and more attractions. 

The eclectic neighborhood has a vibrant collection of art galleries, over 45 restaurants and bars, unique retail shops, and more for both residents and visitors. 


As one of the oldest districts in Omaha, The Blackstone District is perfect for those who appreciate history. It was founded in the mid-1880s and saw a downturn after the 1929 stock market crash. 

The area has been revitalized over recent years and how includes contemporary dining, nightlife, shopping, and residential listings for people to take advantage of. Ask someone from our team about the area if interested in looking for homes here. 


Nestled on Capitol Avenue, the Capitol District is a modern mixture of hospitality, special events, retail, and entertainment options for residents and visitors. 

The Capitol District takes up a good spot in Downtown Omaha and connects the Old Market to the events district and the Riverfront to the downtown business district. It spawned out of years-long efforts to revitalize the downtown Omaha area. 


Commonly referred to as the Old Market's "quirky cousin", the Benson area is a more counterculture-esque area known for its nightlife and entertainment. It is home to famous locations like The Waiting Room, Barley Street Tavern, Benson Brewery, and Beercade. The Benson atmosphere is a unique aspect to Omaha's robust entertainment districts and is an attraction for locals. 


Midtown Crossing is home to multiple restaurants, bars, retail shops, parks, art galleries, and event spaces. There are plenty of condos and apartments nestled right in the area for people looking to be in the heart of the action. This walkable, energetic space is more than 225,000 square feet and is home to Turner Park, Omaha's premier outdoor entertainment space. 

Virtual Tours and Open Houses

Part of our commitment to excellence is providing clients with state-of-the-art technology to help them find the perfect home. This includes video walkthroughs, 3D mapping, and live video tours. In today's market, time is of the essence and you may not have the time to drop your responsibilities to go look at a new listing. These virtual tours provide potential homeowners with quick access to listings. You can see each detail of the home in high definition to determine whether the home is worth proceeding to the next step. 

New Construction Homes

New construction homes are great options for homeowners who want complete creative control over their Omaha real estate. This option comes with many different factors that can influence how the home turns out, including home builders, contractors, materials, and more. The experts at Nebraska Realty can provide resources on new home developments, builder galleries, and floor plans. 

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Commercial Real Estate Opportunities

Nebraska Realty can help you find your next real estate investment. There are so many opportunities within the various entertainment districts for apartments, condos, retail shops, and restaurants or bars. Our local realtors can help you land the perfect square footage and land something that will help drive the most ROI for your real estate portfolio. Contact us to learn more about our commercial listings. 

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