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Agent Training and Support

Investing in you. Focusing on your success.

There are many things that lead people to a career in real estate. But your success often depends on the time you invest, industry knowledge, and company support. Nebraska Realty recognizes what it takes to help you achieve your goals and offers the training, mentoring, continuing education and support to help you advance your career.

State-of-the-Art Training Facilities

One of the most important investments we made in our new 45,000 square foot headquarters was developing a space that would be conducive to learning. Our state-of-the-art facility combines the latest technology with a comfortable environment that can seat up to 75 people. This allows us to not only offer traditional classroom training but also enables us to provide a more interactive and collaborative setting with class offerings, webinars, and industry-related speakers.

Accelerate your start with Agent Academy

Nebraska Realty’s exclusive new agent training program is designed to help all new REALTORS® get a jump start on their careers in the first 6-12 weeks. The program combines individual instruction, content-related assignments and practical applications such as shadowing our experienced REALTORS® on appointments. Each new REALTOR® meets in a one-on-one setting with our company’s trainer/ coach. Our trainer will help guide you through your first few transactions by providing assistance on contracts and coaching you through the process. We provide instruction on a wide-range of topics from real estate contracts and property pricing to marketing and building your business.

Agent Academy will keep you current

Not just for new REALTORS®, the Agent Academy offers classes for all agents who are looking to improve industry knowledge, complete state-mandated continuing education requirements, or learn about the latest tools and services. Individual coaching and business planning and development is also available.

Continuing Education Classes

FREE state-required continuing Education classes are offered to all of our REALTORS®

Learn when and what you want to learn

We offer more than 150 class sessions annually with dozens of topics ranging from contracts to property marketing to social media. The majority of course offerings are State of Nebraska Continuing Education and Broker Training approved. We also offer additional classes taught by industry experts on such topics as financing, title, and home inspection. With a commitment to classes being efficiently run and scheduled at convenient times, the curriculum is continually updated to provide the most relevant content in the shortest amount of time.

Convenient education resources

Our “REALTOR® Resource” is an online suite that offers training materials, articles, marketing materials, industry products and resources, tutorials, and much more. This virtual library enables you to learn more about the things you are interested in and to hone your knowledge on industry-related issues.

Group learning through experience and collaboration

Having the opportunity to share with other REALTORS® is a key to the success of many of our agents. Nebraska Realty proudly offers accountability and peer collaboration groups that benefit REALTORS® both personally and professionally. Most of these groups consist of five to ten people and typically meet on a bi-weekly basis.

Whether you are interested in a goal-oriented or informational group, the most valuable part of the group comes from member interaction. Members share successes, failures, challenges, new products or innovations, and problem solving, all in an effort to better themselves and the members of the group. It’s truly education at the most personal and professional level.

For new licensees, the bi-monthly Rookie Roundtable offers education opportunities from industry experts and experienced agents along with open discussions with other new REALTORS®.

We also offer weekly sales meetings to our REALTORS® providing industry relevant and current market information. Individuals are also able to share current “Needs and Leads” pertaining to buyers they may be working with or upcoming listings.

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