Forget about fees with Nebraska Realty

Agent Fees and Commissions

One of the founding principles of our company since the beginning To be agent friendly in our commission structures, and this holds true today more than two decades later. We don’t eat into your hard earned commission dollars by charging a long list of fees like many traditional brokerages. At Nebraska Realty for our conventional agents there are:

  1. NO monthly fees
  2. NO franchise fees
  3. NO hidden fees
  4. Keep more of what you earn

At Nebraska Realty, we have always seen our REALTORS® as independent business owners. After all, you are the one who establishes and cultivates relationships with your clients. You work hard at serving your buyers and sellers with care on each real estate transaction by providing expertise and guidance. You invest your time and resources into your business and professional development.

We recognize the value our REALTORS® provide their clients, and the value they bring to our company. This is why Nebraska Realty provides REALTORS® with the best commission structure in the industry. It is simply based on the number of transactions you close cumulatively during your career, not annual sales or commission volume like most traditional brokerages.

Conventional Commission Structure

Our tiered commission structure allows you to keep between 75 and 90% of your commission* based on your transaction history. Because we don’t have franchise fees, that means more money in your pocket after every transaction. You can quickly achieve higher commission levels, as you get credit for your past 5 years of transactions, and once you have achieved a commission level, it will never go down. You are not penalized for not maintaining a certain level of production. At the same time, our commission structure provides for continual incentives and rewards based on career achievement.

100% Commission Program

We have always understood that the success of our company depends on the performance of our REALTORS®. Being a 100% agent is a goal for many agents. Unfortunately, most traditional 100% plans are so expensive only the very top-producing agents can afford them. With Nebraska Realty, you can keep 100% of your commission for as low as $600/month*. Our program is much more affordable than our competitors, and allows many more agents to join, not just the top-producers.

If you have a team or are looking to start one, we have a competitive fee structure set up to facilitate and encourage team growth. If your team has more than 10 members, you save even more!

Profit Sharing

Because our agents contribute so much to the success of Nebraska Realty, we think it’s important to recognize their efforts by giving them a share of the company profits. This not only provides an additional revenue stream for our agents, but also helps us continue to grow the company in a true grass roots manner, and gives every member of the NR family an opportunity to be truly vested in the success of our company! We would love to tell you more! Come check us out.

GET CREDIT FOR PAST SUCCESS: When you join Nebraska Realty, your production numbers from the past 5-years are acknowledged from your previous company when establishing your commission split. You never start over!

* A small transaction fee is applied to all transactions.

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