Historic Vinton Street is and has been an economic artery of South Omaha that brings unique businesses, cultures, and art to its community. Officially recognized in 2006 as a historic district, the area surrounding Vinton Street from 13th Street to 24th Street has flourished since 1890 when the first of its Italianate architecture was constructed.

Since then, residents have seen hundreds of businesses come and go, but the cultural roots remain stronger than ever. South Omaha is proud of Vinton Street, and this foundational neighborhood is a wonderful place to live, work, and visit. In this article, you’ll see 11 reasons to visit this little hidden gem of Omaha.

With rising home prices across the nation, it’s difficult for first-time home buyers to compete in this market. That being said, Vinton Street is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Omaha. The median list price in 2022 is $162,000 with most homes in the area having a classic architecture that you’d never find in newer neighborhoods.

Because the population is expected to grow by 11% over the next 10 years, it’s also a great place for business development. Families who live here overwhelmingly choose to spend their dollars at local businesses–especially because they can walk to everything they need.


Things To Do


1 - There are four beautiful parks within walking distance of Vinton Street.

Deer Hollow Park is a beautiful neighborhood park where kids and families play together all year round–perfect for greenspace activities and family fun. Spring Lake Park is a golf course and park tucked right around the bend with a ¼-mile walking path around a lake with plenty of fish and wildlife. While you’re here also check out Rudy Novacek Memorial Garden and the Little Bohemia Neighborhood Commons.

#2 - Vinton Street has its own walking tour.

If you’re an Omaha history buff, you’ll love the Walking Tour of Historic Vinton Street. You’re sure to learn lots about this community and eat plenty of great food.

#3 - There are 3 art galleries.

Historic Vinton Street has more than just beautiful buildings–peek inside to meet local artists and see an art show (free wine often included!).

#4 - The Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is less than a mile away.

The No. 3 ranked zoo in the entire country is right in the backyard of Vinton Street residents! See your favorite animals, send your kids to a summer camp, or enjoy the 21+ late-night events at Omaha’s favorite landmark.

#5 - There are at least two places to get a ½-pound burger.

King Kong–right beside the zoo–is a classic Omaha chain with a monster burger; meanwhile, Louie M’s Burger Lust Cafe has boasted an award-winning burger since the 80s and has been a destination restaurant for people all over Nebraska. 


 #6 - You can get Omaha’s best food truck delicacies all year round on Vinton Street.

If you’re craving delicious carne asada, fresh churros, or ice cold horchata, you have to check out Dos De Oros Taco Truck parked in the O’Reilly Auto Parts Parking Lot on 24th Street or the Churro Truck parked in front of the Vinton Street Supermercado. They’re there almost every day of the year.

Dos De Oros Food Truck

#7 - You can walk to the grocery store.

Speaking of great local food, you’ll never even have to leave the neighborhood to get groceries or lunch at the Nuestra Familia Supermercado–make sure to pick up some fresh tortillas while you’re there.


What’s Nearby

 #8 - 13th Street nightlife, Old Market, and the Field Club of Omaha are just around the corner.

Not only is Vinton Street host to plenty of fun, its adjacent neighborhoods also offer diverse micro-communities with tons of activities and shops. Take your pup to the Omaha Dog Bar, your friends to Beercade 2, or your family to Old Market–all of which are just a scooter’s ride away!

#9 - Metropolitan Community College, South High, and several elementary schools are in the neighborhood.

Walkability is one of the best features of Vinton Street, and that includes education as well. Whether for you or your kids, this neighborhood has plenty of great schools to choose from.


Local Environment

#10 - % of residents speak Spanish at home.

If you’re looking for a bilingual community, it’ll be hard to beat Historic Vinton Street. Almost every business in the area has bilingual signs and employees, and residents take pride in their national heritage by painting beautiful murals and displaying national flags.

#11 - Homes all over the Historic Vinton Street area are being renovated.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, investors have had their eye on this community. Since 58% of residents rent in this neighborhood, it is a great place to scout out potential investment properties or look for your first home. Almost all of the homes are over 100 years old, so there are plenty of upgrades to be made. The real estate market is booming!

Historic Vinton Street has plenty to offer homeowners, investors, local businesses, and families in South Omaha. Everything from food to fun is within walking distance, including some of Omaha’s greatest landmarks. The historic houses and businesses create a welcoming culture that reflects its proud heritage, and there’s something here for everyone to appreciate.

It’s a great neighborhood to invest in, support, and live in–everyone can join together to see the result of hundreds of years of local history. Even just driving through, you’ll see the pride that each resident has in living in such a flourishing community.

If you’re looking to visit Omaha or move to the Vinton Street community, contact Nebraska Realty to get started!

Article was written by: Lauren Gonzalez