How Nebraska Realty Helps You Sell Your Home

How Nebraska Realty Helps You Sell Your Home

We are a forward thinking realty company, that provides our customers with professional friendly service, and common sense solutions for your real estate needs.

Nebraska Realty is a locally owned full service real estate company with over 900 associates to choose from to help you sell your home. Marketing plans and fee structures may differ slightly depending on the individual REALTOR®, the condition and salability of the property, and unique needs of the client. This kind of flexibility for REALTORS® is one thing that makes Nebraska Realty very different from most other companies in Omaha. We are a forward thinking company, that provides our customers with professional friendly service, and common sense solutions for your real estate needs. We will always be honest, we will never nickel and dime, and we provide our clients and our REALTORS® with the most current tools, resources, and services to help them sell their home as fast as possible and for the most money.

The Most Powerful Marketing Tools

The most effective marketing options in today's real estate industry are through the MLS, website exposure, and good old-fashion signage. Over 90% of the buyers that purchase homes find the home as a result of one of those three. This is one reason that it is crucial to use a REALTOR® to help sell your home because two out of three of those options can be accessed only through partnering with a real estate company. Although, not all companies or agents are created equal in these areas. To get the true benefit from these powerful marketing tools, there is a lot of time, money, and expertise that goes into showcasing the property correctly, and delivering that property to as many potential buyers as possible. Nebraska Realty understands this, which is why we spend so much time developing these tools, and training our associates how to most effectively use them.

MLS Exposure

The Multiple Listing Service is a comprehensive database of homes that are currently for sale, are under contract, have sold, or were listed but never sold. There are over 150 companies with over 2500 REALTORS® that belong to the Omaha Area Board of REALTORS® and have access to the Great Plains MLS. When a home is "listed" with a broker who is a member of the OABR, it is generally input into this database so that all REALTORS® have access to the information about these properties. When a REALTOR® is working with a buyer, this is where they will go to find available properties for sale that meet the buyer's criteria.

Website Exposure

Your listing will appear on all of the top local websites, and top national real estate websites. In fact your listing will be on literally 100's of websites! According to the National Association of REALTORS®, over 85% of all buyers search for a home on-line. By providing maximum website exposure, you can rest assured your property is being seen by anyone that is doing their home shopping on-line.

Syndication & Preferred Placement

Having your property show up on tons of websites is great, but if your Omaha area home is marketed on, it doesn't do much good. Some companies will boast about all of the websites they syndicate to, but many of these sites are irrelevant to those searching for your home. We are very selective about the websites we allow to receive our listing feed. Nebraska Realty seeks out the best, most trafficked real estate websites to promote our listings. We even have marketing arrangements with certain websites that allow Nebraska Realty listings to show up first before other companies' listings, as well as, widgets that are constantly scrolling Nebraska Realty listings. has become one of the Omaha area's most popular real estate websites. We designed with one thing in mind, the consumer. People go to real estate websites to primarily look at homes so we wanted our website to have all of the things people look for like great search tools, lots of photos and video, all Omaha MLS listings, and helpful information, but in a easy to use format. We believe that we have the best real estate website in the Omaha area, but we are always working hard to improve.

However, a website is only as good as the traffic you drive to it. It is becoming more and more challenging to keep up with complex, but crucial search engine optimization that ensures your website is one of the first to appear when someone is doing a general search. At Nebraska Realty, we spend a considerable amount of time and money through web-based marketing and traditional advertising to drive as many potential real estate consumers to as possible. This helps ensure maximum exposure for your home.

Trained Professionals

Nebraska Realty offers more personalized education for our REALTORS® than any other company in the Omaha area. This means that you will have a skilled professional to assist you through the pricing, marketing, buyer qualification, contract negotiation, inspection, financing, title, and closing process of your home. We offer approximately 250 training classes per year for our associates, and we teach over 100 different class topics. The classes are generally taught by experienced top producing REALTORS®, or industry experts in their fields such as financing, home inspection, and new construction. We are always revamping and adding new classes to keep up with today's real estate industry. This is crucial because marketing techniques, communication, contract language, and buyer/seller expectations are changing all the time.

Fastest Average Market Time

Since 2004 when we started tracking market time stats, Nebraska Realty has lead the competition each year in lowest average days on market. Statistics were generated directly from the MLS for sold residential homes during each calendar year. Comparisons were based on companies that sold a minimum of 200 listings per year.

Professional Signage

In today's real estate industry the overwhelming majority of buyers for your home are going to be found through the MLS and the internet. The third best marketing option is still good old-fashion signage. Whether it is a standard yard sign, a banner, or a large sign for a development or commercial property, your REALTOR® will provide you with a quality professional looking sign. You can be assured that your sign will stand out to attract the most attention. Your REALTOR® may also provide directional signs to point more traffic to your home. There are some restrictions in certain areas so talk with your REALTOR® for more information. You can be proud to have the Nebraska Realty name on your sign, as we are a great locally owned full service real estate company with the reputation for friendly people and giving back to the community.

Additional Marketing Options

Every seller and their property are different. Some may require additional, more traditional marketing to offer added exposure for the home. Your REALTOR® has his or her own marketing plan, and will be able to give you an idea of which marketing options are right for your home, and will explain which ones may or may not be the most effective. Your REALTOR® may provide other options including open houses, real estate magazines, newspaper, TV, e-marketing, flyer or post-card distribution, reverse prospecting, and more. Not every form of marketing is effective for every home. Consult with your REALTOR® to determine the options that are best for you.

Communication & Feedback

One of the most crucial parts of selling your home is choosing an agent that will stay in regular communication with you, and provide HONEST feedback. The last thing you want is an agent that only tells you what you want to hear. You need to choose an agent that will provide you with a communication plan, and that outlines their method and timing of feedback. A big part of a REALTOR®'s job is to get feedback for their clients, and communicate that efficiently and effectively. If you have several showings on your home and no offers, this is a sign that something probably needs to be changed. It may be price, condition, or some other factor, but you need to know in order to make that change because the longer your home sits on the market, usually the less money you will receive. Our associates understand the importance of good communication, and honest feedback. We believe these two factors have played a key role in our company leading the competition in lowest average days on market for several years in a row.

Price the Home Correctly

Our associates will prepare a comparative market analysis (CMA) for you that will give you a unbiased professional opinion of what the market would be reasonably willing to pay for your home.

The single most important factor in selling your home is pricing it correctly. The absolute worst thing you can do is to over price your home, especially in a buyer's market. Generally you will end up getting less for the home than you would had you priced it correctly to begin with. Our associates will prepare a comparative market analysis (CMA) for you that will give you a unbiased professional opinion of what the market would be reasonably willing to pay for your home. They will give you an honest assessment of what your home is worth, which can be hard to do because people love their homes, and sometimes have unrealistic expectations of what their home's true value is. Be leery of companies or agents that tell you they can sell your home for more than "that other company." The industry term for this is "buying the listing." Agents sometimes try to inflate the price to ensure you will like what you hear so you will give them the listing. They also try to do this to justify a higher commission rate. Don't fall for this trap. Always ask to see the data in which they used to determine the price. Agents may differ slightly on what they believe your home is worth, which is normal. You just want to be concerned about the one that is way above everyone else. Our associates will provide you with a list of comparable home sales, and market stats so that you can see how they arrived at the suggested list price for your home.

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