Millwork Commons: Inspiring & Supporting a Community

Omaha is home to countless developments and neighborhoods but Millwork Commons is one of the most unique urban developments in Omaha and perhaps the midwest. This unique development, situated just north of downtown Omaha, is inspiring Omahans to live differently.

  • Work
  • Live
  • Connect
  • Explore
  • Create
  • Unwind


Image Credit: 316 Strategy Group

Millwork Commons is a collaborative community designed to inspire and support the work of innovators and creators by providing engaging spaces to work, live, connect, explore, create and unwind. 

Vibrant Past; Innovative Future

Millwork Commons is a 300,000 sq ft neighborhood of budding businesses in Omaha, historic buildings, and vibrant culture. Sitting just North of Cumming and 12th Street, its 130-year-old foundations can be traced back to M.A. Disbrow and Company who built their millwork factory right next to the Union Pacific railroads and Missouri River.

This building was completed in 1886 for just $69,000 and was used to create the doors, windows, staircases, fireplaces, porch pillars, and various decorative elements that set the standard for American middle-class architectural elements across the United States.

Many of the older houses in Omaha contain original millwork from M.A. Disbrow & Co., who delivered their woodworking locally using company mules that were kept in the mule barn on site.

The factory and mule barn now make up the Disbrow block, that are in the process of being restored and updated to create office space, housing, and new opportunities for shops and restaurants.

This historic block–along with the Ashton and Mastercraft blocks–are the central hub of Millwork Commons. While still in development, the next ten years will bring new life to these historic foundations and will revitalize this neighborhood with a fresh Omaha spirit.

Below, you can read more about the exciting spaces and businesses that are coming to town!

By The Numbers

Millwork Commons is a hub for tech, art, design, and community growth.

  • 60 + Innovative businesses currently in the neighborhood
  • 300,000 sq. ft. of cutting-edge space
  • 300 + apartment units are being designed
  • 50 acres of land
  • Walking Paths
  • 1 Basketball court
  • 1 Skate Park

Image Credit: Alley Poyner

Millwork Commons is one of the most interesting development projects in all of Omaha. This historically important Omaha neighborhood is conveniently located right next to downtown, which makes it the perfect destination–especially during classic Omaha events like the NCAA College World Series.

The development process is being led by Paul and Annette Smith of Black Dog Management, and this massive project aims to create an inclusive, bright, and cutting-edge community that still pays homage to its historic roots.

Andy Alloway, President of Nebraska Realty, understands as well as anyone the impact Millwork Commons is having on the community and the surrounding neighborhoods.

“Omaha is a gem in the Midwest, and it’s projects like Millwork Commons that will help take this city to the next level. The surrounding neighborhoods will continue to breed development and redevelopment, creating a more vibrant and active community. This development is inspiring an entire community.” ~ Andy Alloway, President of Nebraska Realty

Collaborative, Friendly, & Community Focused

The Mastercraft, a collection of office and studio space for local businesses, The Living Room, a 3,500 sq. ft. wedding and event space, and Ashton block, a collection of coffee shops, breweries, and community spaces, are already completed as of Summer 2022.

They surround the beautiful park and outdoor event space that is the focal point of Millwork Commons. Soon, Omahans will see apartment buildings, corporate headquarters, and restaurants popping up all over the surrounding areas.

It will be a hub for family events, young professionals, and creatives alike.

Image Credit: Millwork Commons

New Omaha Developments Coming Soon

  • Hello Apartments
  • Spectical
  • Dizzy Mule
  • Parcel 5
  • Makerhood

Omaha has always attracted unique entrepreneurs and business developers, and Millwork Commons will usher in a new wave of growth to our beautiful city. Thanks to these local developers, this once-neglected industrial district will soon host these cutting-edge spaces.

Hello Apartments

Hello Apartments - Bluestone Development is heading the next phase of Millwork Commons development, hoping to complete their 171 apartment units and 11,000 SF of commercial space later this Summer. Apartments range from $955 - $2,265, and tenants will be able to select studio, one, or two-bedroom apartments. Among other businesses, SPECTICAL, an Omaha-based spectacle, and sunglasses company plan to move into Hello Apartment’s commercial space.

Dizzy Mule

Photo Credit: Nebraska Examiner 

Dizzy Mule - Dizzy Mule, named for Disbrow’s famous mules, is the next phase of redevelopment for Millwork Commons. This five story building spans more than an acre and includes 160,000 sq. ft. of building space. Omaha-native tech company, Flywheel, is the first tenant in this space who moved in their 200+ employees earlier this Spring. Dizzy Mule will also have 238 residential units along with great local restaurants and retailers to support them. It is expected to be completed in 2023.

Parcel 5 Apartments - Located beside the already-completed Ashton building, Parcel 5 Apartments will bring 468 residential units, 686,600 sq. ft. of office space, and 93,200 sq. ft. of retail and hospitality space in 2024.

Potential Office Headquarters - The final phase of development scheduled for 2025 and beyond may include some new, larger corporate office buildings. Along with a new parking garage, Millwork Commons could see 1,150,000 sq. ft. of new office space.


Makerhood - White Lotus Group and Future Forward LLC are tackling the New North Makerhood section of Millwork Commons. This $20 million dollar project aims to create a space “where arts, crafts, and trades are nurtured, celebrated, and supported by a walkable network of public spaces connecting a healthy mix of residential, industrial, commercial and public activities.”

In style with Omaha’s mural revitalization, “Midco Mural” by Weston Thomson brings creativity and color to this area and can be spotted next to the local businesses that have just moved in:

  • Fashion Institute Midwest
  • The Omaha Land Bank
  • Bench
  • Reclaimed Enterprises.

Photo Credit: The Reader

Omaha Skate Park

In the middle of Millwork Commons lies an innovative park with multiple shared recreation spaces. The Millwork Commons Skate Park cradles a basketball court and walking paths. The skate park includes three main features a volcano spine, rail/ledge combination feature, and a long wall with hips, banks, a manual pad, and a small quarter.

Millwork Commons Skate Park Features: 

  1. Volcano Spine
  2. Rail Ledge
  3. Long Wall

The inclusion of this Omaha skate park is just one of the many design features that make Millwork Commons unique.  


Omaha is home to countless development projects, but Millwork Commons is one of the most unique. Local events are already popping up all over this area, and Omahans can only expect more exciting events, cutting-edge businesses, and wonderful residents to move in in the next few years.

This historic district is being redeveloped into a creative hub with something fun for everyone to enjoy. Millwork Commons also hosts regular Open Houses to give the community a behind-the-scenes look at the historic buildings and to show off our local businesses and creative spaces. Stay up to date on local events that make Omaha such a vibrant city by following Millwork Commons on Facebook.

If you’re looking to visit Omaha or move to the Millwork Commons community, contact a Nebraska Realty agent to get started!