There is no strict definition for what constitutes a luxury home, though it is generally agreed that the top 10% of homes listed in the United States can be considered luxury properties.

Broadly speaking, a luxury home can be defined as a property that commands a higher-than-average price, boasts a prime location, has premier build quality, features luxe amenities, and offers privacy.

If you are looking at buying a luxury home in Nebraska, you are in luck. The state is home to an array of incredible properties. In this blog post, we will highlight 4 tips you should be aware of when buying a luxury home in Nebraska.

1. Find the Right Real Estate Agent

When you are looking for a home for yourself and your family, it's important to have an experienced, local real estate agent in your corner. Viewing a luxury property isn't the same as viewing what might be considered an average-priced property, so it benefits prospective buyers to work with an experienced and "tied-in" agent.

They will know which houses are available that you may be interested in viewing and be able to set up showings. In Nebraska, your premier choice for finding a luxury home is Nebraska Realty.  

With real estate offices in Omaha, Papillion, Lincoln, Grand Island, Hastings, and Hartington Nebraska Realty and its team members are here to help you find the luxury home of your dreams.

2. Consider the Neighborhood

As the old saying goes, "Location, location, location". If you are paying a premium price for a property, which is the case with luxury homes, then it's essential to consider the local area and the amenities that are close by.

What is considered essential will differ from buyer to buyer. For example, those with young families typically place an emphasis on the local education system and other amenities such as healthcare and entertainment. Again, an experienced real agent is key to finding the perfect neighborhood for you.

3. Understand Your Priorities

When it comes to the property itself, take some time to first understand what your priorities are. Is a swimming pool essential, for example? Other considerations include how many bedrooms you need, whether are you looking for a property with a view, and what your design preferences are.

4. Don't Overextend

The costs associated with homeownership do not end with the purchase price. There are many other running costs to factor in when looking at your available budget, which is especially true for luxury homes with larger square footage.

Some of the ongoing expenses include property taxes, maintenance, utility bills, cleaning, and HOA dues, so keep these in mind when looking for luxury homes.

Tips for Buying a Luxury Home in Nebraska

Nebraska Realty launched the Lux Collection in May of 2022. Luxury properties are a unique segment of the real estate market in Nebraska. Given that it is a relatively small percentage of the home sale market, it's important to portray the luxury property in a way that accentuates the high-end and unique features of the home. 

Living in Nebraska can certainly be considered a luxury. With its low cost of living, job opportunities, amazing outdoor activities, friendly people, and fun festivals, it's an amazing state to move to.

If you are interested in making the move, partner with Nebraska Realty and find your dream luxury home. Click here to contact us. We look forward to speaking with you.