Nebraska Realty launched the Lux Collection last month. Luxury properties are a unique segment of the market. Given that it is a relatively small percentage of the home sale market, it's important to portray the luxury property in a way that accentuates the high-end and unique features of the home. 

Andy Alloway, President of Nebraska Realty, is excited to bring the Lux Collection to real estate agents and their customers throughout Nebraska and Southwest Iowa. "Our Lux Collection provides the latest in marketing technology to provide both stunning visuals of the property along with the maximum exposure our agents and their customers need," Alloway said.

Nebraska Realty remains committed to helping homeowners sell their homes fast. The Lux Collection will help agents and their customers sell their luxury homes and properties faster. 

What Makes a House High-End? 

Regardless of whether you're currently in the market for a new house, browsing high-end homes for sale can capture your attention for hours on end. These luxury properties can possess stunning views, palatial scales, magnificent finishes, and astonishing amenities. They can be so awe-inspiring, in fact, that it can be difficult to imagine what it would be like to live in them. Our Lux Collection will give high-end homes in Nebraska and Southwest Iowa the attention they deserve. 

So, what is it that actually makes a home high-end? 

A luxury, or high-end, home is typically valued within the top 10% of properties on the local real estate market. High-end homes tend to be considerable in size, located in optimal areas, constructed and finished with high-end materials, and designed with uncommon architectural details and exceptional amenities. The minimum listing price for a luxury home in Omaha is $750,000 whereas the minimum listing price in New York City is $4,000,000.  

Giving Your Property The Extra Attention It Deserves 

When you list your expensive home, mansion, or property with a Nebraska Realty agent, you are getting a highly skilled and exceptionally well-trained advisor with an unmatched knowledge of the local market. When your property is listed in the Nebraska Realty Lux Collection, you're getting all of those things in addition to state-of-the-art technology and marketing strategies that will showcase the uniqueness of your property and get it in front of the right people! 

Maximum Exposure

The Lux marketing package was designed to produce maximum exposure, attention, and interest for your property. 

In addition to the usual top-notch services you always get with a Nebraska Realty agent, the following services will be utilized to showcase your home in the best possible light and ultimately get offers on the table. 

Indoor Drone Fly-Trough Video

  • High-quality indoor drone video of your luxury home or property.
  • Indoor drone video will engage the target audience and showcase the property in a unique and interesting way.

Property Posted to Nebraska Realty Social Media Pages

  • Property exposed to over 15K followers and fans of Nebraska Realty social media pages.
  • Photos, videos, and property details are highlighted to spark interest in your luxury home in Nebraska.

Four Weeks of Adwerx Motion Ads

  • Social media ads targeted to a 15-mile radius around the listed luxury property. 
  • Ads are posted to Facebook, Instagram, and a variety of mobile apps.
  • Motion real estate ads enhance visibility, interest, and engagement.

Enhanced Lux Signage

  • Lux signage grabs attention and distinguishes the property with a high-end aesthetic. 

We're Agent-Centric

Agent-centric is a term we commonly use to describe our brokerage. Agent-centric means that the agents we serve are our priority and on a daily basis, we do everything in our power to help them succeed. It also means the implementation of new tools and resources, like the Lux Collection, that benefit our agents and their customers.

Chrissy Cameron is a real estate agent with Nebraska Realty. Chrissy was one of the first agents to use the Lux Collection for a luxury client. Chrissy said "The new NR Lux Collection offered me the opportunity to take my services to the next level. It’s important to have a brand that complements the upscale services that I provide." 

While high-end luxury homes are located in attractive areas, designed with the highest quality materials, and include enticing amenities, they're ultimately only worth what buyers are willing to pay for them. High-end properties tend to linger on the market longer than more average-priced homes because their prestige and lavish features are incomparable and thus make valuations challenging. The Lux Collection, from Nebraska Realty, gives agents powerful tools to help sell these luxury properties quickly. 

Agents looking to transfer from another brokerage firm to Nebraska Realty will be properly trained and well equipped for the luxury real estate market. 

Contact Nebraska Realty for Luxury Real Estate

We encourage you to connect with a Nebraska Realty agent if a high-end house is calling your name and you live in Omaha, Elkhorn, Bennington, Gretna, Papillion, Lincoln, Grand Island, or somewhere else in Nebraska or Southwest Iowa. With over 900 agents, Nebraska Realty is perfectly suited to help you buy or sell a luxury property.