A whopping 20 percent more Americans planned to move in 2021 than last year. Perhaps you're one of them — and perhaps that means you're looking for ways to sell your home in Nebraska fast.

One tried-and-true way to get buyers interested in your home is by staging your house. The importance of home staging can't be understated. Ninety-five percent of staged houses sell in 11 days or less, and they tend to sell for above the asking price, too.

We reached out to Chrissy Cameron, a Nebraska Realty agent and a certified Interior Staging and Decorating Professional (ISDP) for a little help. Chrissy has been staging and decorating for clients and other Realtors. What started out as a fun hobby quickly became a lucrative side hustle for Cameron. 

“I always tell my clients that less is more,” Cameron said, “You want to pare down items like furniture, decore, and random clutter. Then arrange the rooms in a stylish and pleasing way that showcases the bones and features of each space. The idea is to get your house in picture-perfect condition, both on the inside and out!” 

Cameron, says. “Creating a great first impression with attractive photos is key to selling your home fast,” Said Cameron, who has been staging for 10 years. “Every room should have a focal point that pops in the photos to draw attention. Having quality, professional, photos along with stylish staging makes a huge impact on attracting buyers.”  

Cameron says that you want buyers to imagine themselves in the house. So, it’s important to depersonalize, declutter, and organize throughout. You want your house to appeal to as many buyers as possible. 

Here are Cameron’s go-to staging tips for quick sales! 

1. Plants

2. Fake Greenery

3. Fresh White Towels

4. Bright White Bedspreads

So, are you ready to get rid of your current house and move into the home of your dreams? Here are eight home staging tips to help you sell your Nebraska home fast!



1. Start With a Deep Clean

There's a reason why this is a home staging tip that adds instant value to your property. A deep clean makes everything appear fresh and, well, clean. Who doesn't want to move into a sparkling house? 

2. Make Walls Neutral

Potential buyers won't want to see brightly colored walls or wild wallpaper. They'll have a hard time envisioning themselves in your property with this kind of visual clutter. So, re-paint your walls with a neutral hue to give everyone a blank canvas to picture what life could be like in your space. 

3. De-Clutter

No one wants to move into a house that lacks storage space. If you have clutter everywhere, then potential buyers will think your home won't hold all of their stuff, either. So, remove all clutter, including the junk in your over-stuffed closets.

4. Hang a Mirror

If you've got a small room on your hands, try decorating it with a mirror. These panes add depth and dimension so that a room looks naturally larger. Plus, they reflect natural light, making the space look larger.

5. Remove Personal Photos

As we've mentioned, potential buyers want to be able to envision themselves living in your home. If you have too many personal photos and mementos, they'll see the property as yours. So, remove your knickknacks to create that blank canvas we mentioned before.

6. Let the Light In

No one wants to move into a dark house. So, before visitors come to view your property, open all of the blinds and throw back the curtains. It wouldn't hurt to turn on a few lights — and add table and floor lamps to spaces lacking in that natural glow.

7. Remove Bulky Furniture

You might love your massive recliner, but how much floor space does it take? Is it hard to maneuver around it? If so, consider removing it and any other bulky furniture that can make your house look small and cramped — the last thing any buyer wants to see.

8. Make a Quick Upgrade to the Bathroom and Kitchen

If you don't have time for a full revamping of your kitchen and bathroom, then try swapping out the cabinet hardware. It's a job that takes a few hours max, and it can instantly refresh the room. Potential buyers look at kitchens and bathrooms most closely, so this little swap could be what sells your house.

Home Staging Tips — Time to Try Them Out

These are only eight of the many home staging tips out there. Which ones would make the biggest difference in your space? It's time to try it out and see just how quickly your home sells — how does 11 days or less sound?

If you want to make your house even more alluring to buyers, click here to find out the value of your property so you can price it to sell. 

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Photo Credit of Chrissy Cameron: JS Photo Studios (Chrissy Did Not Stage Photo)