These home staging tips will help reduce your stress! While selling your home is a stressful enough proposition, staging your home is a vital part of the selling process. It can be a daunting task, but there are several things you can do to help sell your residence at top dollar!

Deep Clean
There is cleaning, and then there is cleaning. Dirty bathrooms and dingy walls are the ultimate turn-offs
to prospective buyers. Make sure you take the time to thoroughly clean every room and surface in your
home when staging.

Incorporate Mirrors
Mirrors give the appearance that a room is bigger than it is and help to bring extra light into space.
They also add a touch of upscale style. See that person in the mirror? Take a moment to appreciate that
they are on your way to staging the perfect home!

You might be proud of your home’s inhabitants but displaying family photos can distract potential
buyers. You’ll want them to envision themselves in the space, not you. Try replacing personal wall décor
with mirrors and simplistic art.

Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa
Quickly dress a drab bathroom by stacking a few washcloths tied with ribbon and adding some scented
candles and faux plants. Displaying all-white towels and keeping the countertops clear also helps to make
the space seem inviting and clean.

Look at Rearranging Rooms
Make it easy for potential buyers to envision a room being used by family or friends. Your current
furniture arrangement might not be the one that appeals to others. This kind of mindful home staging
can make the space more attractive.

Tidy Up the Kitchen
The kitchen is frequently the focal point for many buyers. The countertops need to be clear, so make
sure any gadgets or appliances are stored away and out of view. We all love to display those A+ report
cards, but the fridge also needs to be clear of magnets and other items.

Home staging isn’t just about rearranging—it’s also about cleaning! Our homes are functional spaces
that contain many items from our daily lives, but that visual chaos shouldn’t be on display for a showing.
Anything non-essential from your daily routine should be stored away. If your house is on the market, it
should look ready for new occupants. When in doubt, simplicity is best with staging.

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