Don't let home-buying misconceptions be the reason you let your home-buying opportunity pass you by!

With all the headlines shouting information about the home buying market, it can be easy to get lost in
the noise. Houses are predicted to continue to appreciate, and while it may not be at such a high rate as
in recent years, you may be missing out on an investment opportunity. While it is true that the market is
ever-changing, and the signs do point to more challenges for buyers as the year goes on, it doesn’t mean
that you must delay your homebuying goals!

We are here to set the record straight on common homebuying misconceptions:

• I don’t have enough financially saved for a down payment. You don’t need 20% for a down
payment to buy a house. There are certain loan programs that allow you to put down 3% or
even no money down, depending on the circumstances involved. If you are interested in learning
more, Peoples Mortgage Company can help you go over your potential mortgage loan options.

• I can’t afford to buy. Before you make a final decision that you can’t afford a mortgage, let’s run
the numbers together! We’ll look at your income, assets, and debts to help you arrive at a
realistic homebuying budget that fits your long-term goals.

• It seems like a bad time to buy. There is no perfect time to buy a home. The market will be
ever-changing, and ultimately, your choice should be based on what is right for you and your
financial situation.

The bottom line. Don’t let assumptions or news headlines hold you back from pursuing
homeownership. Get the facts you need from experienced mortgage professionals such as ourselves.
Peoples Mortgage Company is thrilled to help you evaluate your needs in terms of homeownership –
and our goal is to help you achieve homeownership through an informed and confident pathway.

Call today to learn more about homeownership and start your search for your dream home in the perfect neighborhood!