Dundee is one of Omaha's most popular and treasured neighborhoods. In this article, you'll learn about the rich history, unique architecture, and what this iconic Omaha neighborhood has to offer. 

  • (6+) Styles of unique architecture
  • (1) Home that was bombed in WWII
  • (1) Award-winning ice-cream store that appeared on Shark Tank
  • (1) Incredible park used for festivals, concerts, and the honoring of our fallen 
  • (1) Local bank
  • (1) Movie theater 
  • (15+) Restaurants, eateries, dessert shops, and bars. 

Where Is This Neighborhood?

Not familiar with the Dundee neighborhood? Let's take a look at Midtown first.

Midtown is Omaha’s cultural hub and entertainment epicenter. From the arts, music, sports, & dining at its rich historic neighborhoods full of architectural charm, it’s easy to see why this community makes Omaha special.

Just west of Saddle Creek, tucked between Leavenworth and Blondo, you’ll find Omaha’s first suburb--Dundee. In Dundee, there is no shortage of things to experience and explore.

Boasting an array of unique homes, its tree-lined streets, lush parks, and rose gardens, Dundee combines urban living in perfect harmony with nature. So, whether you’re relocating from out of town or looking for a more central location that gets you anywhere in the city in 15 minutes, living in Dundee is a great choice.

This Omaha neighborhood gives you easy access to food, shopping, fitness, education, and healthcare. 

The History of Omaha's First Suburb

The year is 1880 and the city of Omaha is growing and looking to expand west—a trend that continues to this day. Omahans are looking to beat the hustle and bustle of the busy, crowded city and settle down in a quieter, more peaceful area.

Noting the resident's desire to move away from the chaos of the city, a group of developers built a village-like community with unique houses that made the area stand out from construction anywhere else.

Initially, the houses weren’t selling as fast as developers hoped they would. Their solution was to plant 2,000 maple trees stretching along the main roadways between 52nd Street and Underwood Ave.

The avenue’s name is a double entendre, as Underwood was also the last name of a Dundee developer.

In planting these trees that would soon grow to great heights and by illuminating the streets and sidewalks with the signature cast-iron streetlights, the developers solidified the charm that would appeal to generations to come.

The trees made Dundee, feel like home.

Bombing in WWII

In the closing months of World War II, a Japanese balloon bomb exploded in the quiet of the evening sky in the Dundee neighborhood of Omaha, Nebraska. These so-called “fire balloons” were filled with hydrogen and carrying bombs varying from 11 to 33 pounds, and were part of an experimental Japanese military offensive.

The bomb that exploded in Omaha on April 18, 1945, was one of more than 9,000 balloons launched during a six-month period at the end of the war, and one of the nearly 300 that were found or observed in the United States.  

Today, a plaque in a very sweet spot commemorates where the bomb exploded. Can you guess where the plaque is located?

Unique Architecture in Omaha

The Dundee Neighborhood offers architectural styles you won't find anywhere else in the city and surrounding counties. With its French Tudors, Georgian Colonials, Dutch Revivals, Italianesque estates, and Middle German homes designed with a half-timbered & stucco facade, you’ll “ooh” and “ahh” as you walk or drive by marveling at the residential construction designs.

  • French Tudors
  • Georgian Colonials
  • Dutch Revivals
  • Italianesque Estates
  • Middle German Homes
  • Half-timbered & Stucco Facade

Home Values in This Omaha Neighborhood 

Houses in Dundee can range in the low $200,000 for a starter 2-3 bedroom and 1-2-bathroom Craftsman’s bungalow house to millions of dollars, to 4,000 plus square feet mansions.

Given its proximity to the University of Nebraska at Omaha and the University of Nebraska Medical Center, is a convenient and appealing housing location for those who are coming from out of town for higher education and rewarding professional advancement.

As a result of this, housing demand in Dundee has remained steady throughout the past several years. Furthermore, Dundee's uniqueness scatters duplexes, condos, and other multi-family housing alongside single-family houses. With the recent years of low housing inventory due to the pandemic housing boom, mixed housing provides a great benefit for homeowners and renters
alike in this ideal location.

If you’re relocating from out of town and are looking to explore and get familiar with the city before purchasing a house in Dundee, renting may be a good alternative to buying depending on your situation.

Dundee Flats Apartments and The Duke Apartments start at around $1,150 per month and are conveniently located near Dodge St, the main artery of the city.

Both give you convenient access to the shops, bars, restaurants, and other fun places you’ll find in Dundee.

Dining With Local Charm

Dundee Will Charm It’s Way to Your Heart (and Belly)

Because of its walkability from home to business, a strong sense of community, and collaborative support, Dundee has the highest concentration of small, independently-owned businesses in Omaha.

There is no shortage in a variety of food and drinking spots that can appeal to all palates. 

Here is just a sampling of some of the dining you'll find in the Dundee neighborhood in Omaha:

  • Jaipur
  • Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob
  • Dundee Dell
  • Avoli Osteria
  • Goldbergs 
  • Pitch
  • E-Creamery
  • Cupcake!
  • Dundee Cork & Bottle
  • Page Turner's Lounge
  • Rathskeller Bier Haus
  • Blueline Coffee
  • Dundee Double Shot
  • Hoppy Taco
  • Lola's

Dinner in Dundee

You will get a delectable taste of Indian food at Jaipur, Mediterranean cuisine in Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob, fish & chips at the Dundee Dell (try a Scotch whiskey from its innumerable collection), and signature Italian plates at Avoli Osteria. For your classic all-American burger, the best place to go is Goldberg’s—a staple in the neighborhood. And let’s not forget the crowd favorite Pitch Pizzeria where you can eat authentic, wood-fired pizza.

Desert in Dundee

After dinner, don’t forget to walk over to Cupcake! or E-creamery for dessert. You might even stumble into the neighborhood’s most famous resident, Warren Buffett, as you decide between butter brickle ice cream or a scoop of gelato.

Nightcaps in Dundee

But if sweets aren’t your thing, you can wind down with a glass (or bottle, no judgment here) of wine at Dundee Cork Bottle. If you’re more of a beer person, Page Turner’s Lounge is where you’ll want to head for a good beer or premium cocktail.

Fun Tip: During the month of September, Rathskeller Bier Haus hosts its annual Oktoberfest where you can sample seasonal, German brews.

To put a pep in your step, get coffee at Blueline CoffeeDundee Double Shot Coffee, or stop by Lola’s for any of their teas and fresh bakery goods (their Morning Buns are sinfully delicious).

Next to Lola’s is Film Stream’s Dundee Theater where you can go to watch your independent films not showing in any other local theater as you dig into your buttery popcorn bucket.

Staying Active in Omaha 

Staying active is easy for residents given the proximity to fitness studios like Dundee Barre Code, which will whip you into shape with its barre and boot camp classes; for newcomers, they offer free introductory classes that will help you get into the groove of things.

Nearby is the Elmwood Golf Course provides you with a nice course full of pretty views, lots of green hills, and 18 holes that help to meet your daily 10,000 steps goal.

And, dog-walkers and power walkers everywhere, take on the rolling hills through the neighborhood and both Elmwood & Memorial Park.

Home Sweet Home

Dundee is different. You'll see it as you walk or drive through this beautiful neighborhood. 

  • Globe light poles
  • Flags flying proudly
  • Flower baskets hanging from light poles 
  • Manicured lawns 

Residents take pride in their Dundee homes and in the preservation of the neighborhood's natural beauty. You see it in the dozens of flower baskets hung along the globe light poles by volunteers who plant each one in the spring, when the neighborhood begins to bloom into its decadent glory.

You see it in the pristine, manicured lawns of the homeowners, and you see it in the way that businesses promote and support one another ensuring progress and prosperity for each business owner.

It’s no wonder why Dundee was named one of the country’s best neighborhoods to live in by the American Planning Association. It takes a village to survive: something that the developers of Dundee village knew over a century ago before the area became a center of entertainment and comfortable living.

Dundee, it IS for everyone!

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