We all know that making improvements to your home can increase its value and add to its price at resale. However, knowing which types of improvements get the best return is important. According to a recent remodeling impact report from the National Association of Realtors®, isn't what you might think. The most profitable improvement homeowners can make to increase their resale value isn’t as practical as a new roof, as glamourous sexy as a kitchen, or as fun as a backyard deck with a hot tub.

While home improvement is more than just about the dollars and cents, it's important to consider where to spend your hard-earned money on your home and your investment! 
National Association of Realtors®, the most profitable home improvement is replacing the home's hardwood floors or simply refinishing them. Based on surveys conducted by the National Association of Remodeling, homeowners recouped about 118% of their investment for refinished flooring and 147% of their investment on new flooring. 
  • New Flooring recouped 147%
  • Refinished Flooring recouped 118%

So, if you're getting ready to sell your house...you may want to consider installing new hardwoods or refinishing your current floor to ensure a bigger price tag at closing time.