Americans buy more than five million existing homes each year. Some of those homes stay on the market for ages, while other pieces of real estate sell in no time. If you want to sell your home faster, though, you'll need a few advantages. Keep reading for some tried and true tips that will help get your home off the market in a hurry.

1. Price It Correctly

The single most important factor in selling your home is pricing it correctly.

The absolute worst thing you can do is to overprice your home, especially in a buyer's market. Generally, you will end up getting less for the home than you would have you priced it correctly, to begin with.

Our agents will prepare a comparative market analysis (CMA) for you that will give you an unbiased professional opinion of what the market would be reasonably willing to pay for your home. They will give you an honest assessment of what your home is worth, which can be hard to do because people love their homes, and sometimes have unrealistic expectations of what their home's true value is.

Be leery of companies or agents that tell you they can sell your home for more than "that other company." The industry term for this is "buying the listing." Agents sometimes try to inflate the price to ensure you will like what you hear so you will give them the listing. They also try to do this to justify a higher commission rate. Don't fall for this trap. Always ask to see the data which they used to determine the price. Agents may differ slightly on what they believe your home is worth, which is normal. You just want to be concerned about the one that is way above everyone else.

Our agents will provide you with a list of comparable home sales, and market stats so that you can see how they arrived at the suggested list price for your home.

2. Get a Home Inspection

A thorough home inspection examines the major systems in your home, such as plumbing and electrical. It also looks at the condition of the home with an eye toward safety and necessary repairs. Getting your own home inspection lets you fix any problems before a buyer's inspection.

That can help you avoid problems and delays as you approach the closing.

Our vendor resource page has a complete listing of trusted home inspectors in Nebraska. 

3. Boost the Curb Appeal

You shouldn't go bankrupt sprucing up your home. At the same time, first impressions can make or break your Lincoln real estate sale.

At a minimum, get your lawn professionally cut and edged. Get flowers into the flower beds or planters. Touch up any paint that looks worn from the curb.

4. Fresh Paint

If you can work around your belongings, fresh paint inside the house can go along way. Colors fade over time, which homeowners miss because they look at the walls every day. Throwing up a coat or two of a neutral color can help your home look newer and more desirable.

5. Work with a Real Estate Agent

Selling a home on your own isn't as easy as it sounds on paper. In fact, it's a lot of work with a pile of mandatory paperwork involved. On top of that, all of the negotiations fall squarely on you, which can include the buyer's agent and lawyer. Working with a real estate agent spares you most of the headache-inducing task and lets you focus on prepping the house.

Sell Your Home Faster with a Plan

There is no single magic bullet that lets you sell your home faster. What you can do is formulate a plan that makes your home more desirable from the outset.

Nebraska Realty is a forward-thinking realty company, that provides our customers with professional friendly service, and common-sense solutions for your real estate needs.

Working with a Nebraska Realty agent is a major first step. They can advise you about pricing, connect you with a home inspector, and offer tips on making your home shine. Then, focus on manageable steps, like getting the inspection and improving the curb appeal.

Nebraska Realty specializes in helping you sell your Nebraska real estate, fast. For questions or information about our realty services, contact Nebraska Realty today.