OMAHA, NE — The real estate industry is constantly changing, and it takes innovative and powerful real estate brokers to stay ahead of the curve. RISMedia has just released their list of the TOP 1,000 POWER BROKERS, and Nebraska Realty was ranked #77 in total transactions and #184 for total sales volume!

This prestigious list is compiled every year by evaluating 106,000 brokerages based on their production volume, number of transactions, market share, and more. Nebraska Realty is proud to be included on this list and would like to thank our agents and clients for their support!

The production results for 2021 reflect the unprecedented nature of last year’s market. The amounts reported demonstrate the inventory strain on last year's real estate market in Nebraska and Iowa.

With not enough supply last year to meet the consumer's demand, home-sale prices in Nebraska—and brokerage sales volume at Nebraska Realty—rose to new heights.

Nebraska Realty reported 8,436 real estate transactions, a 15.4% increase over 2020, and $2,115,312.977, a 22.4% increase over 2020, in total sales volume.

Nebraska Realty is based in Omaha, Nebraska. Its office network consists of six offices with 932 real estate agents spread across both Nebraska and Iowa.

Andy Alloway, President of Nebraska Realty, reflected on being ranked #77 in total transactions out of 106,000 brokerages across the United States.

"It is very exciting to be ranked as one of the top real estate firms in the country! It's still amazing to me to think how far we have come from 1 agent to almost 1000 agents today. We have the best group of people in the industry. These rankings are just a reflection of the wonderful people we have at Nebraska Realty. When friendly and genuine people come together with a common-sense and progressive approach to business, special things can happen." ~ Andy Alloway

In terms of total transactions and sales volume, its national rankings are especially impressive given the fact that Nebraska Realty is independently owned. The brand was built from the ground up without having the advantage and support of a nationally recognized brand.

To be competing against national brands this well is exceptional and a testament to the leadership and culture of Nebraska Realty.