These are the questions to ask your real estate agent. Buying a home is the largest purchase most people will make. It is also their biggest investment.

Before buying a home, there are some important questions to ask your real estate agent. A great agent will gladly answer your questions and walk you through the buying process. If not, you have the wrong agent.

Finding the perfect home and getting to your closing date can take months. It also can become a stressful event. For these reasons, having the right agent is extremely important.

Keep reading to learn more about five key questions to ask your real estate agent. 

1. Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent About Location

Don't assume that because someone is a realtor they are automatically familiar with the area you want to live in.

To ensure you have the right real estate agent, ask about their knowledge, sales history, and experience with the things on your must-have list. You want someone that will work hard for you regardless of whether you want a fixer-upper or a mansion. 

2. Are You My Sole Contact?

A question to ask your real estate agent when buying a home is whether they will be your sole contact. There could be times your agent isn't available and will need to rely on other realtors in their absence.

Find out who the back-up agents are and ask to meet them. You'll want a level of comfort and open communication as you go through the homebuying process.

3. What Is Your Commission?

Realtors are paid through commissions. The commissions are factored into the amount you'll pay for your new home.

Expect to pay around 5 percent to 6 percent of the seller's asking price. The percentage can fluctuate based on location, market trends, and the agency you choose.

The realtor's commission is not included in the closing costs. It is an additional fee paid for the realtor's services for locating, showing, and negotiating the deal. 

4. Can You Make Referrals? 

Throughout the homebuying process, the buyer will need the services of several professionals. This includes appraisers, home inspectors, mortgage lenders, insurance agents, and a few more. 

A quality real estate agent is able to make recommendations and referrals for the best people in the area.

5. Can You Work Around My Schedule?

Realtors have more than one client at a time. It is important to choose someone who is available when you are. Ask questions regarding their availability.

Avoid ending up in a game of tag. Let the agent know your schedule and ask if they can accommodate you during your free time.  

Looking for Real Estate Agents Near Me?

Now that you know the questions to ask your real estate agent, you're better equipped to start the search for finding the home that's perfect for you. The relationship between the realtor and the homebuyer is important, so don't downplay your role. 

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