If you’re gearing up to sell your home in Nebraska this year, the ideal time to put it on the market is right around the corner. Literally...next week. Last month's report from Realtor.com has determined that next week is the best time to list a home for sale in 2022.

What's Magical About April 10 through April 16?

According to Realtor.Com the week of April 10 through April 16 is the best time to list a home for sale in 2022. 

Listing during that week will allow sellers in Nebraska and around the country to capitalize on optimal market conditions that lead to a quick sale at a high price, according to the report.

What can sellers expect you ask? “Sellers listing in mid-April can expect to find relatively high buyer interest, coupled with limited competition from other sellers, that equates to fast-selling homes at top dollar,” Danielle Hale, Realtor.com’s chief economist, said in a recent press release. 

  • High buyer interest 
  • Limited competition from other sellers
  • Fast-selling homes
  • Top dollar

If typical yearly trends hold true, the median listing price for homes during the second full week of April could be $5,000 higher compared to the median listing price in an average week in the calendar year. 

Listing Comparison

In 2021, homes spent 27 fewer days on the market during the second week in April compared to an average week. The second week in April typically sees 14% fewer price reductions during this key week but wit the low inventory we don't foresee too many price reductions in the weeks ahead.  

  • 29% More views per lasting than an average week
  • 13% Fewer sellers on the market 

Sellers have had an enormous advantage over the past two years. The pandemic-related disruptions and the low inventory throughout Nebraska have transformed the real estate market. But, this year and every year there are seasonal forces at play. 

THIS is your time if you're a seller living in Nebraska. Buyers should be speaking to a mortgage expert and working with a Nebraska Realty agent. Together they will give you a better understanding of everything you need to make it a reality.