Omaha, NE – Nebraska Realty is thrilled about the announcement of the opening of a brand-new Nordstrom Rack across from its corporate office at 171st and Burt, set to grace the Village Pointe shopping center in fall 2024. While the store won't be ready for this year's holiday season, its impending arrival has already sent ripples of excitement through the Omaha community.

A Landmark Development in Omaha's Retail Landscape

Nordstrom Rack's opening in Village Pointe, near 168th Street and West Dodge Road, marks the company's first venture in Nebraska. This 30,000-square-foot establishment is not just a store; it's a statement of confidence in the local retail market. "We are eagerly anticipating becoming an integral part of the Omaha community, offering our customers top-notch brands at competitive prices," said Gemma Lionello, President of Nordstrom Rack Stores.

More Than Just Shopping: A Real Estate Perspective

From a real estate viewpoint, the presence of strong anchors like Nordstrom Rack is crucial for the vitality of Village Pointe and the surrounding neighborhoods. "The addition of Nebraska's first Nordstrom Rack is a game-changer," explained a spokesperson from Nebraska Realty. "It enhances the area's appeal, potentially boosting property values and attracting further development."

Uniting Convenience and Style

Nordstrom Rack is set to revolutionize shopping experiences with convenient services such as online order pickups from and, and easy returns. According to Alicia Peters, General Manager of Village Pointe, "This new addition aligns perfectly with our mission to offer a dynamic mix of shopping, dining, and entertainment. It reinforces our commitment to providing a complete and stylish shopping destination."

A New Chapter for Nebraska Realty and Omaha

The opening of Nordstrom Rack near Nebraska Realty's corporate office symbolizes more than just the expansion of retail options. It represents a synergy between retail and real estate, highlighting the potential for commercial developments to invigorate local economies and communities.

As Omaha looks forward to the grand opening in 2024, the anticipation reflects a broader trend of growth and excitement in the region. Nebraska Realty remains at the forefront, committed to fostering developments that enrich both the real estate market and the lives of those in the community.