Whether you’re living in a studio, a townhome, or you’re just looking for ways to declutter your
house, there are simple and easy ways to maximize your living space to help you create a
spacious home. The way you set up your home is important because its where you spend much
of your time with family, friends and on your own, especially with the remote work trend that
has continued since 2020.

Here are five tips to create space and brighten up your home in 2022

Keep it Tidy

With minimal space, you need to make sure there’s a place for everything, and that your
belongings are put back where they belong. This includes keeping up with daily chores such as
washing the dishes after dinner, putting laundry away, hanging up your jacket, and other small
habits that keep your living space neat and tidy. Tidying can reduce stress levels and instill a
feeling of control over other parts of your life as well as in your home. In a small living space,
tidying up daily will maximize your home to make it feel less cramped.

Declutter Often

In your small home, organizing your belongings into two categories will help you keep your home
spacious. The two categories are your “keep” category and your “donate” category. You can sort
what you want to keep and set those items aside for re-organization purposes, and the rest you
don’t need, you can donate to a local goodwill. The process of re-organizing your belongings into
a keep or donate category will help you keep on top of the clutter in your home. If you’re having
a difficult time deciding what to keep or donate, you can utilize the “have I used this item in the
last 12 months?” rule. If you haven’t used an item in the last year, it may be time to say goodbye
to this belonging and put it in your “donate” category.

Divide the spaces you have into clear zones

If you have a limited number of rooms, they need to function as multi-purpose spaces. For
example, if you live in a studio, you could use a free-standing bookshelf to section off the living
room and the bedroom. You could also hang curtains to divide the living room and the bedroom
or divide the bedroom into a small office space. You can maximize the purposes of each room by
divvying up the space.

Give items dual functions to maximize space

Since you’re only given so much space in your home, you have the option to use items for dual
purposes, such as a coffee table that can turn into a dining table and/or desk for work. You can
also use a futon couch as a bed for guests. If there is a dual purpose for an item, there are ways
to make it work in your small home.

Enjoy your small home by adding small space-conscious décor

From string lights to a small bookshelf, you can decorate your small home to make it inviting and
bright by adding just a few items that avoid clutter. For inspiration, continue to follow Nebraska Realty!
With these five tips, you can maximize your small living space and feel right at home!