The Perfectly-Nestled Neighborhood’s Meeting Place With The City’s Best Burger: Lincoln’s Tam O’
Shanter Pub. 

In the harried culture and fast-paced world we live in today, there is such a very high value to be placed
on a spot where everyone may turn around and look up when the door opens, the seats are beyond
comfy, and tradition trumps pretentious iPad Playlists. Lincoln’s Tam O’Shanter pub has forever taken
up residence on the south side of 25 th and O Street, and has made the upgrades as of late to be
comfortably current yet so reassuringly authentic. Also voted for “Lincoln’s Best Burger” by the “Ground
Zero” staff, our curiosity peaked so much we had to send one of our own in to verify the Tam’s local

This is the kind of reputation a fortune teller would proclaim as your pulsating lifeline on the palm read:
you aren’t going to get more authentic anywhere around here. Period. You can sit and enjoy a very stiff
one, try your luck at Keno, or chat with neighborhood locals that have been coming here forever. Don’t
expect bright lights, and know that the latest revamp from the co-owners of Gray’s Keg Saloon have
kept this Lincoln gem nestled away exactly where it needs to be.

You don’t have to be a Marlowe-caliber detective to figure out that food prices are rising every single
day, and this is another spot that has done a great job of keeping prices down, which we overheard
some other customers being thankful for. Most of these items under ten bucks? This is unheard of these
days, and the Tam packs more All-American wallop into every dish than just about any other place
around! Figuring out what to start with is all-important, and the decision may involve the same type of
decisiveness that discerns between Bushmill’s or Jameson’s: Loaded fries, jalapeno poppers, or straight-
up chicken wings with ranch will see you on your way!

Must make a quick stop on O street for a contractor’s bid? Want to show someone a super quiet place
where the drinks flow heavily, and the food is hearty and do die for? This is why we love the Tam: there
are so many things about it that don’t scream the typical Midwest culture and provide a decadent and
noir-inspired hide-out. The classic burger is where anyone with a culinary sense will simply have to “read
it and weep”: 8 ounces of ground Angus Sirloin cooked to the T and just how you like it. When Bourbon
Bacon Jam and Sweet Cajun seasoned burgers come into question, many repeat customers are begging
to just take their money, because the offerings at hand are just that good.

The Peanut Butter Melt provides a red onion and Swiss cheese-infused layer of goodness around what is
a prime patty of delight. Peanut Butter Porter by Empyrian ales is also a perfect one to pair with this
delicious concoction. The bacon-wrapped filets here see their heavenly outer shell come in the form of
applewood smoked variety, and the Ribeye offers up 10 oz of locally grown and hand-cut product with
mushrooms, grilled onions, or a shrimp skewer for a dinner to make a frequent night off from here on
out. Mark our words that there is nothing more decadent in the Star City as far as steak when it comes
to the “Tami”: it is specially cut for the client with extra thick sirloin quality, with a variety of tenderness
that comes unsurpassed.

Existing as a good luck charm and verified keepsake to the Lincoln scene, The Tam O’ Shanter is the
perfect place for the new breed of telecommuter to come do their thing quietly, take in the urban
charm of the new Antelope Valley Development on a bike after a meal, or simply treat it as a jukebox of
sorts: Boisterous and pretentious won’t get you anywhere here: pull up a seat, stir slowly, and take in the mix.

These are the types of places that are sacred enough to begin paying more and more frequent
visits to in Lincoln. Keep Local Alive!