The proposed new lake would make it slightly larger than the 3,600-acre Lake Okoboji in Iowa, a popular vacation and recreation destination for Nebraskans and those traveling throughout the midwest. 
Ninety percent of the estimated $1 billion project will come from private funding. 
The proposed lake would need to be built without having to dam the Platte River, nor could it have a negative impact on communities such as Ashland, which is just a stone's throw away the bill states. 

This plan involves no dam, just a sandpit lake, causing a more positive reaction throughout the community and with nearby residents. 

There is a housing boom in Ashland and commercial property is selling two or three times its value. Ashland's small-town charm and proximity to Omaha and Lincoln make it a very attractive community to live in. The proposed lake could be great for local businesses in the area. 

It's estimated the proposed lake could still be a decade away. 

Image Credit: HDR, courtesy image.