Nebraska Realty is deeply invested in the local communities we serve. Along with raising tens of thousands of dollars each year for local & national organizations, our REALTORS® & staff also serve in a hands-on capacity to help provide for those in need. We see charitable giving & physical community service as a way of getting to know the communities that we live in.

This summer we helped produce this video to help shine a spotlight on the ICan bike camp.

The ICan bike camp program is for people with disabilities ages eight and up. The vast majority of people with disabilities never experience the thrill of independently riding a two-wheel bicycle during their lifetime.

For example, recent research shows that over 80% of people with Autism and 90% of people with Down syndrome never learn to ride a two-wheel bicycle. Defying these odds is why we exist!

The adapted ICan bike program offered this past summer in Omaha resulted from more than twenty years of research. ICan Bike uses a highly structured, repetitive learning method that taps into the strengths of people with disabilities. ICan Bike is an intensive, hands-on camp where each rider gets on-bike instruction for 75 minutes per day, over five days. ICan Bike’s goal is to teach as many riders as possible to ride a two-wheel bicycle during the camp.

During ICan Bike camp, each rider has a designated ICan Bike assistant who is with them for the entire 75 minutes of each on-bike session. ICan Bike assistants are specially trained to help riders with disabilities succeed. ICan Bike ratios are never higher than 1 assistant per 4 riders.

The ICan Bike program was started in 1997 and has grown to include more than 80,000 riders with disabilities across the United States. ICan Bike is a project of iCan Shine international e iCan Shine is an international charitable nonprofit organization. 

Nebraska Realty is committed to helping those with special needs in our community and we are proud to have supported the ICan Bike, The Autism Society, and The Down Syndrome Alliance with this video. It is our hope this video will help shine a light on this beautiful program.