Are you getting ready to sell your home during COVID-19?

Home staging serves as an important part of the home selling process. In it, you make your home look its most presentable, enticing potential buyers to put in an offer. Yet, the onset of the pandemic has made physically coming to see a home more difficult. This means staging your home has never been more important.

So, do you want to know how to stage a home? Below, we'll go into everything you need to know about home staging during COVID-19. 

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Consider People's Change in Needs

As the pandemic began to spread and more people went into quarantine, families began to realize their current space no longer serves their needs. In 2021, 1 in 4 Americans will still work outside of their office. 

This means the pandemic has reoriented the home as the center of American life. Accustomed to quarantine, more prospective buyers now look for convenient spaces to conduct their favorite activities. 

In particular, the kitchen became a commonly-used area for many families because of restrictions on in-restaurant dining. As such, you want your kitchen to look as attractive as possible during your home staging. You might even consider installing the latest appliances to attract buyers!

Emphasize Cleanliness

Over the past year, people tried to keep their spaces clean as a defense against COVID-19, so dirty-looking spaces won't appeal to them.

As such, when you stage your home, you should emphasize cleanliness. Do this right away by keeping your front yard looking neat. You should also place an easy-to-clean table near the front with hand sanitizer and masks so your potential buyers feel comfortable in your home.

Keep your areas well-lit. Walls with lighter tones, such as shades of white, give off a cleaner atmosphere when the proper lighting becomes applied.

Create an Outdoor Getaway

After a year of staying away from people and canceling trips, many homebuyers are eager to experience life outside their four walls.

While travel still remains dangerous, that doesn't mean you can't give them a space to get away in their own home. Usually, this works best with outdoor spaces since they remain separate from the home itself.

If you have a backyard, set up some comfortable furniture around a coffee table or another centerpiece item, such as a fire pit. Depending on your budget and the size of your yard, consider adding other fun features, such as an outdoor movie theater or a nice grill.

This gives people the ability to imagine their lives being fun in your home, even while social distancing.

Need More Help with Home Staging During COVID-19?

Home staging during COVID-19 might seem like a monumental task, which is why you shouldn't sell your house without a professional team by your side. 

At Nebraska Realty, we specialize in getting your home on and off the market as quickly as possible, even during a pandemic. Whenever you become ready to sell your home, our team of professionals is ready to help you!

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