Whether you live in Nebraska or not, the holidays right around the corner, it’s not too early to start thinking about holiday décor! It is after all, ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ and also truth be told, the only time of the year that I ‘decorate’ for any holiday. Holiday decorating is no joke, it can be a lot of work if we’re being honest. But there’s something so magical and warm about having your home decorated with festive fall and christmas decor, how could I not partake?! Not to mention the holiday traditions and memories that will be made; there’s nothing better than that as you’re surrounded by a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Here are my TOP three tips to make holiday decorating easy and fun!

Holiday Décor Tip 1:

Make it fun by creating some sort of decorating tradition! My mom and I always go out ‘tree hunting’ the day after Thanksgiving - and last year my daughter (1year old at the time) joined us for her first tree hunting season! Mullhul’s has been a long time favorite spot for picking out our real Douglas Fir trees! We get all bundled up in our favorite ‘tree hunting’ fall outfits, grab a coffee along the way and wonder through Mullhul’s as we both search for that perfect tree. Oh.my.gosh - the smell in that place is heavenly! So crisp, clean and fresh filled with the goodness of that fresh cut tree smell. It’s probably my favorite part of the day!  Once we have both ‘found the one’ we tie it to the top of our SUV and off we go! 

Back at home we put on the Christmas music, get a pot of warm mulled wine going and decorate away! On Friday we always get my tree up and on Saturday we head to my mom’s house to get her tree set up.

family Christmas shopping

Holiday Décor Tip 2:

Consider your own personal style and home aesthetic as you curate your holiday decor collection - don’t just buy anything you see. Easier said than done! I want to buy ‘all the things’ from Joanna Gaines’s newest collection at Target, but looking around my home, the farmhouse feel doesn't quite fit. It’s hard to resist, trust me I know! Finding fall and at times even Christmas decor that fit my home’s aesthetic has been a challenge. I have had to slowly curate and collect christmas and fall decor over the years. I am naturally drawn towards light modern colors with pops of vibrant colors like rich purples, blues and greys paired with natural lighting. So for me, it makes much more sense to ditch the standard holiday colors. If you’re anything like me and have this problem, consider using traditional elements but put a modern spin on it. Yes, I sure did buy white metallic and purple glass pumpkins this year! If all else fails, spray paint might become your best friend. 

Below I am sharing photos of both my holiday setup and my mom’s. I absolutely love both! Which is more your style?

Tree / Decor:

Mom’s Tree + Decor:

Holiday Décor Tip 3:

You don’t have to go rogue and purchase entirely new holiday vignettes. Your wallet will thank you! Use what you already have, and don’t be afraid to mix and match new and old - maybe even ‘non’ traditional holiday decor. Yes that silver vase you have up all year long indeed can be incorporated into your holiday vignettes. In fact, the more curated and mixed, the better! It adds a layer of interest, personality and color, just be sure to use complimenting colors.

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