The iconic veterans home in Grand Island, Nebraska, which stood as the state's longest-standing facility for 130 years, is embarking on a significant transformation. Four years ago, the relocation of veteran services to nearby Kearney rendered the interconnected buildings obsolete. Now, the core 45-acre historic campus is set to undergo a remarkable redevelopment project known as Liberty Campus. Led by developer White Lotus Group, this innovative initiative aims to address the pressing affordable housing gap in Nebraska while preserving the site's historical significance.

Section 1: A Deep Connection and Nostalgia As a native of Grand Island, Alex Bullington, the development manager at White Lotus, has a profound understanding of the sentimental value and deep connection the veteran's home holds for the community. With memories of his high school marching band leading parades through the campus, and playing patriotic tunes for the veterans, Bullington recognizes the rich history embedded within the grounds. The campus has served as a cherished place for countless individuals in the city, many of whom have family members or friends with ties to the former veteran's home.

Section 2: Overcoming the Bidding Setback The relocation of the veterans home to Kearney a decade ago dealt a significant blow to Grand Island. Despite the city's bid to host the new Central Nebraska Veterans' Home, the decision favored Kearney, resulting in an estimated annual economic impact loss of $30 million. Undeterred, Grand Island has since converted 80 acres of the original 640-acre plot of land into a state-of-the-art sports complex. State Senator Ray Aguilar of Grand Island has also introduced a measure to uplift another portion of the land, previously used as a cemetery, with an $8 million investment.

Section 3: Preserving History and Creating Innovative Housing White Lotus Group's plan to preserve the core buildings on the historic campus while introducing innovative housing options has garnered praise from city leaders. The developer has partnered with local entities, including Chief Industries, to redevelop the campus on behalf of owner H.E.L.P. (Health, Education, Love for People), a charitable foundation affiliated with White Lotus. By repurposing the existing buildings, Liberty Campus will offer affordably priced dwellings for low-income veterans, seniors, and new workers in the area, catering to the pressing demand for housing.

Section 4: Addressing the Affordable Housing Crisis The redevelopment of the veteran's home aligns with the city's comprehensive housing study conducted in 2019. The study projected a need for 1,361 additional housing units in Grand Island by 2024, at an estimated cost of $382 million. To date, 688 permits to build residential units have been approved, but the demand continues to outpace supply. Liberty Campus, with its diverse housing options, will help alleviate the affordable housing crisis, offering solutions for different demographics and age groups within the community.

Section 5: Positive Impact on the Grand Island Community and Property Values The commencement of the redevelopment of the historic veterans home into Liberty Campus marks the beginning of a positive transformation for the Grand Island community. As the project unfolds, it is anticipated to have a significant impact on property values and economic growth in the area.

By revitalizing the veteran's home and providing affordable housing options, Liberty Campus will contribute to the overall stability and well-being of the community. Accessible and affordable housing will attract and retain a diverse workforce, fostering local economic development.

The revitalization efforts and preservation of historical elements will enhance the appeal and desirability of the neighborhood, potentially leading to an increase in property values in the surrounding area. As Liberty Campus progresses, it is expected that property values in the vicinity will experience growth, benefiting homeowners and investors in Grand Island.

Furthermore, the redevelopment project has the potential to stimulate additional economic development in the region. The creation of commercial spaces and civic amenities within the campus, such as a college culinary program and professional service offices, can attract businesses, create job opportunities, and further enhance the local economy.

The commencement of the Liberty Campus project sets the stage for the transformation of the historic veterans home into a vibrant community hub. As the project progresses, it will contribute to addressing the affordable housing crisis, positively impact the Grand Island community, and potentially lead to increased property values and economic growth in the area.

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