After many years of standing in line exchanging socks with crazy design patterns, boardgames that just weren’t your flavor, and books that you knew you wouldn’t read, so many families nationwide and right here in Nebraska began to give up the precarious hunt and just give their loved ones a simple gift card. Honestly, what couldn’t be better? After a holiday season that saw us enjoying a bit more freedom here in Nebraska on top of a very booming housing market, we wanted to give you a shortlist of the sweet gadgets you can get ahold of that are the best housewarming gift ever!

Ways to make your space comfier, smart devices that make everyday tasks a snap, and devices that help with climate control are just a few of the things that families this year found ready for them under the tree. Here are a few of our favorite picks that are the perfect additive for sprucing things up and giving you the ultimate “new homeowner’s lifehack” in the form of a high-tech goodie!

The Home Pod Mini is one of those devices that James Bond himself probably had on his own wish list back in the day: it offers up a 360-degree sound that fills the room perfectly, and the same old school features the Brady Bunch could have used like Intercom. Siri is your intelligent and spry assistant leading the way, and you also have control of all your smart home accessories with the mini.

These Antibacterial Sheets are perfect for summer nights and fulfill the need for self-cleaning and cooling that many says has results as awesome as taking a sleeping pill! Many of the nation’s most luxurious Airbnb’s and hotels have made the switch to Miracle, and they allow you to look forward to getting to bed every night since the world is now on a fervent battle against bacteria. Silver-infused makeup helps to keep things cleaner and free of odors and leaves old school comforters and sheets literally “in the dust”.


This Barx Buddy gets rid of a problem that many of the guests who will first want to see your new home will notice: non-stop barking from your beloved furry friend! Even though your household pet is the best and most-loved addition for your newly purchased home, they sometimes just don’t understand what the best and most appreciated behavior! Putting a modern spin on whistles we’ve seen before, it emits a very high-pitched whistle that will leave you with a much more mellow and handle-ready home companion.


The Eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is perfect for the busy household that is on the hunt for a self-charging unit that provides both deep and light cleaning duties. It’s hands-free, efficiently self-charging, and can take instructions via voice, or the included EufyHome app. This complete package comes with the charging base, AC power adapter, cleaning tool, 4 filters, and hassle-free 12-month warranty.

The Balumda Toaster Oven is a new favorite in Japanese kitchens among others everywhere, and it will permanently change the way you serve up all types of bread in your new home! What makes this model so special is the way that a very thin layer of steam circulates finely around the baking bread, which makes for a tender inside and a very crisp outer surface. It also doubles as a countertop oven, allowing you to reheat other frozen goodies as well as providing a quick baking option.

This SImplehuman Clean station is the coolest and most efficient device we’ve ever seen for cleaning your phone! In just the time it takes you to wash your hands, it will get rid of 99.9% of your phone’s surface uglies in just half a minute flat. It’s the fastest of its kind on the market and has laser-cut foam composite doors that trap the UV-C light in for greater efficiency.

The Belkin Conserve Insight Energy Use Monitor is a device that would have been “worth its foresight in gold” just a decade or two ago while used in a new home! You can use it to see how much it boils down to in terms of cost to use various devices, and check to see what the carbon dioxide emissions are to boot. Since you may be watching every penny after getting the awesome rate locked in from your preferred lender, this is going to be a smart device that will show its head much more frequently over the future, as it provides the ultimate means of seeing just how much you will spend and when to unplug some of your favorites if you’re on a cost-cutting budget.