Nebraska’s capital city has an excellent selection of class-leading local restaurants, an extensive bike trail
network, unique and summer-thirst quenching breweries, and other fascinating points of interest that
will allow you to experience what it is like living here while on a fun-filled visit. Things have been
changing rapidly here with progressive development, grassroots city planning, and foodies setting up
shops all over with their delicious and globally inspired offerings! Here is an in-depth itinerary that will
allow you to get a good feel for this diverse city’s day-to-day ebb and flow.

Here's our two-day guide to mingling with the locals in Lincoln, Nebraska! 

Day 1 - Mingling With the Locals in Lincoln Nebraska

The Mill Coffeehouse
800 P St. Lincoln, NE

There are a few satellite locations of this perfect place to perk up that is always filled with the awesome
aroma of beans for a stirring cup, but this one is situated right in the historic Haymarket District, which is
a perfect spot to get to know the Star City on your first day here. It’s a beacon of activity where you can
mingle with busy students prepping for exams, local entrepreneurs, and tech types who just love to stay
up late! They also offer locally made sandwiches and vegetarian wraps, baked goods, and a diverse
selection of chocolate and gourmet candy.

Lazlo’s Brewery & Grill
210 N 7th Street Lincoln, NE

These amazing creators of Third Stone Brown, Chaco Canyon, Long Route Peanut Butter Porter, Burning
Skye Scottish Ale, and Watchman IPA have one of the most fun people-watching patios right in the heart
of the Haymarket and have been serving up their first-class food and drink since 1991. They have stuck
to their guns wisely with the guise of crafting their beers in small flavor-filled batches and remaining a
downtown staple amongst even the choosiest of foodies.

A Novel Idea Bookstore
118 N. 14th St. Lincoln, NE

Having your first day in Lincoln neatly based around all the downtown hotspots will give you a great
opportunity to check things out on foot, and a Novel idea Bookstore is right in the heart of the O street
nightlife district. Known for the lovable and photogenic cats that are always in the store and the humble
beginnings of starting out in a basement without heat, this is a location where you can browse through
used, rare, and out-of-print books that will stoke even the most seasoned literary fan’s curiosity!

The Sheldon Museum of Art
12th and R on campus in Lincoln, NE

This is an ideal hub of amazing creativity to veer straight north on foot and see what the UNL campus
feels like to explore, which is especially scenic during the fall months! Here there is a comprehensive
collection of American creations that provides stellar examples of pop, abstract expressionism, and
contemporary art. Eye-popping sculptures and ceramics are highlights!

The Sheldon Museum of Art is a perfect choice for anyone wanting to experience the Cornhusker                                                “indoor exploration” vibe during winter, which may lead you directly back to the Mill for another warm cup                                  of welcoming brew!

O’Rourkes Tavern
1329 O St. Lincoln, NE

A neighborhood bar that was established in 1980, this is an off-the-beaten-path destination still situated
on the college strip. This is where locals hang out and shoot pool, perhaps root for the Cubbies or Royals
on a hot day, and drink in a bit of nostalgia that was embedded deep in this well-layered and cultural
college town before anyone was dreadfully armed to the modern teeth with a smartphone! A long bar
with a sense of community and a place that mixes the delightfully off-center creative crowd with blue-collar                      diehards that love loud rock and roll, it is a quintessential stop to thoroughly experience the
Midwestern vibe that we know you’ll love after buying a home here.

Day 2 - Mingling With the Locals in Lincoln, Nebraska 

Virginia’s Café
3820 Cornhusker Hwy, Lincoln, Ne

With the roaring of 18-wheelers directly out front and a fondly-industrial hometown atmosphere, this is
a true all-American diner that allows you to pick a booth, table, or sit at the counter, and drink in hearty
hash brown and thick-toast charm. The slightly rough around-the-edges establishment that you see here
is part of the allure, and 2 of the most finicky eaters we know said they had the best hash browns ever
at Virginia’s. Let the mental images of loading flatbeds, warm holiday potlucks, and the breadbasket of
the nation’s deep-rooted family values perk you up with your coffee before the next leg of your Star City

Glacial Till Winery
1419 Silver St, Ashland, NE

Now it’s time to head East and drive to a charming and very fertile location situated just between
Lincoln and Omaha and check out an awesome cider house and tasting room in Ashland’s historic
downtown! Here are the delicious tastes of Chambourcin, 2018 Prairie Fire, Petite Pearl, Marquette,
Edelweiss, Bourbon Barrell Aged wine, white sangria, and our personal favorite of Strawberry Rhubarb
cider can be enjoyed after being sourced from where they are articulately created In Palmyra. During
September their Caramel Apple cider could be potentially the best and tastiest housewarming gift ever
for any of your friends or loved ones.

The Frank Shoemaker Marsh                                                                                                                                                  

This is the perfect place to experience the true prairie essence that brings so many to decide to pursue
homeownership here in Lincoln. Here you can take up your own pace while you enjoy 160 acres of land
that contains nearly 50 acres of eastern saline wetlands. The marsh here is its own very unique
ecosystem that has been completely restored, and the bridge over Little Salt Creek allows visitors to
drink in the intense beauty of the marsh and its inhabitants, and maybe take some #1-ranked Instagram
shots of your own to remember this infusion of fresh air during your Star City stay.

Bodhi Imports
1645 S. 17th St Lincoln NE

Before you enjoy the far-out and sensational spices that await you back in the Haymarket for dinner, this
amazing gift shop will put you immediately in a transcendental state of mind. Incense, crystals,
beautiful handbags, and all-season clothing are available here. A perfect hybrid of a Himalayan and
Darjeeling vibe is situated right in the Star City, the employees here all have their keen sixth sense of what
you may be looking for to remember your trip by, and you’ll find the ideal gift for anyone you know that
could use a bit of meditative mantra to navigate the 9 to 5. Always committed to bringing light into a
turbulent world, it’s an establishment where you can find the perfect tapestry, t-shirt, or any other
means of bringing you peace and tranquility.

The Oven Indian Cuisine
201 N. 8th Street Lincoln NE

The cuisine of Northern India is famous globally for the Tandoor clay oven’s distinct effect on the flavor
of the food, and this is an awakening journey for the senses that offers up the culinary memory of
mystical and faraway lands. Taking the time to perfectly marinate and create the delicacies that have
made this place special for decades, you can also opt to choose the east location on Pioneer Woods Dr if
that’s where you are staying. Shrimp Pakoras, the best and most distinct Naan in the Midwest, to-die-for
Chicken Tikka, and Hyderbad Biryani are just a few of the amazing offerings here that are unforgettable
and world-class. You may not be able to hail a rickshaw as you could in Bombay right here in the
Haymarket, but after a meal here you will have the upper echelon of Lincoln’s longstanding cuisine
offerings crossed off your bucket list!

Whether you're passing through the area, live in nearby Omaha, or have lived in the capital city for years                                  we encourage you to experience Lincoln through the eyes of a local. Us our two-day guide and go mingle!

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