Research shows that US home sales rose by about 6.7% in 2021. Experts also suggest that the rising number of house sales translated to an annual rate of 6.5 million.

Since the market is competitive, making people settle for your house is tricky, especially if your home’s exterior look is not appealing. A house’s outlook is crucial in attracting buyers.

Thus, changing the exterior home design of your property affects people’s first impression. A good impression goes a long way in helping you sell your house faster.

Don’t miss out on potential buyers for your home. Read on for five ideas that will help you boost your home’s outdoor appearance and gain buyer interest.

1. Upgrade Your Front Door

A front door defines you and your home as it’s the first thing buyers notice when entering a house. Most purchasers will go for a home with a high-quality door because it reflects the value and security of the house. Upgrade your home with a first-rate front door to increase buyer interest.

Further, repaint your front door with a fascinating color to make your property noticeable. Using a color that contrasts your entire house will maximize your home's attention.

2. Revamp Your Garage Door

If your home has a garage, upgrading your garage door is crucial. Replace any broken parts of the structure for smooth functionality. If unrepairable, replace your garage door with a stylish one to add character to your home.

Further, repaint your garage door to match the appearance of your home’s surroundings. Ensure you choose a color that blends with your substrate to boost your house’s curb appeal and elevate your home’s architectural balance.

2. Install Planters at Your Front Yard

Add value to the exterior house features of your home by installing some greenery on the front side. Using planters will help your home have a garden feel and be more inviting to potential buyers. The planters can also enhance your home’s contrast and shape the character of your house’s exterior home design.

3. Enhance Your Outdoor Lighting

Using the various lighting options will improve the ambiance of your home. Install lights on the porch to create a welcoming environment.

You can also put lights on the ground to pronounce the trees. Moreover, fit the lights in the soffits to boost your property’s house exterior design.

Lighting is also essential for your home’s security. This fixture is among the exterior house features that boost the visibility of your walkaways for the safe arrival of your guests. Besides, having lights around the house secures your home by scaring away intruders.

4. Trim Shrubs Around Your Home

During your home’s selling period, ensure you have a schedule to trim bushes around your house. Proper top-flat trim of shrubs will boost the appearance of your home by removing bushes that impede windows and the entire house from potential buyers.

A well-visible home will attract buyers and help you set the right price for your property. Don't be afraid to reach out to a locally owned lawn care company for a little help!

Attract Buyers by Improving Your Exterior Home Design

Refining your house’s exterior home design will boost the value of your home. Apart from playing a part in attracting potential buyers, proper home upgrades also help you set a higher price for your property.

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