OMAHA, NE. (April 1st, 2022)-Nebraska Realty hired Ronco Construction to complete an occupied corporate interior renovation of the Burt Street location in Omaha, Nebraska. Nebraska Realty also worked closely with B2 Lab in Omaha to create a memorable interior environment. 

Andy Alloway, the President of Nebraska Realty, announced the rennovations on June 1st, 2021 and ten months later the rennovations are complete. 

The goal of our Burt Street renovations was to create collaborative spaces that provide both a sense of privacy and community. We opened up our main break room to create a café-style environment with lots of space for agents to work or relax. The upgraded facilities include a grab-and-go selection of lunch and snack foods and a larger kitchen bar for event space.

The first-floor renovations boast a stunning wooden staircase opening up both floors and connecting the agent work sections. Our administration department received a facelift, as their offices have a glass wall connecting directly to the agent work area. We've added lockers, lounge sections, and creative wall decorations to our bottom floor.

The second-floor renovations will see an adjustment of the current break area to create more agent workspaces. We are creating a “living room” area, day offices, and team bonding areas along with our most exciting addition—an fitness area. Agents will be able to relax and socialize or collaborate and focus no matter which area they choose to work in. We hope this encourages our agents to come back to the office to enjoy our safe, fun, productive, and healthy environment.

"Coming out of the last two years, as the pandemic forced many people to be isolated and work or learn remotely, we are doubled down on the importance of facilities to bring people together.  We believe in a work environment that is stimulating, motivating, inspiring, productive, and healthy.  We want to help facilitate collaboration amongst our people to not only help them be the best they can be professionally but also personally.  We have a culture that is centered around family and helping people lead fulfilling and enriching lives.  It's not just about business." ~ Andy Alloway