Coffee, Java, Love

Coffee. One of life’s necessities. If there’s one thing Omaha loves more than food, it’s coffee. Fortunately, we have access to some of the highest quality, fresh roasted coffee because we have local talent roasting, grinding and serving coffee making it a true experience. In Omaha, it’s not just a cup-a-joe, it’s a lifeline.

Local favorite include Karma Coffee in West Omaha, Crane Coffee (multiple locations), Café Costa (Midtown), and Hardy Coffee Company (Benson & West). This quick list is a perfect representation of fresh roasted beans being transformed in liquid brainpower across the Omaha metro.

“The Market Basket is a favorite spot of mine to meet with clients or to hang out with my kids after school.  They have a great assortment of latte's and the Transportation Torte is amazing and gluten free,” shared one Nebraska Realty agent. This reminds us that many Omaha coffee shops offer beautiful and delicious fresh-baked treats from a variety of local bakeries. This means that not only can we enjoy our perfect brew, but we can indulge in a sweet to create a perfect balance.

It's Not Just Coffee, It's Personal

Deda Myhre, a fan of Blue Line Coffee, told us, “If you like your latte made with love and a good crown of foam like I do, Blue Line coffee is the place to be. Nestled in the Dundee business district, this unassuming coffee spot will make you feel like you have a personal barista crafting you that perfect cup.”

Coffee is more than a favored drink. It can be an art for the roaster not only in achieving perfect temperatures to create the right strength and taste, but also in the places the coffee beans are grown and purchased. Many coffee houses work closely with growers and brokers to ensure the beans are in season for freshness and taste, that they are handled and shipped properly, and that the end result is reflective of the care taken to create these meticulous processes.

Coffee shops, like coffee, are quite personal to each of us. Some boast a lot of energy and networking opportunity while others offer a quiet spot to reflect, think, and work. One thing they all have in common is they are central to the lives of many providing the perfect places to meet friends, conduct meetings, or brainstorm a new business idea. Above all, local coffee shops not only afford the opportunity to support small business owners, but also to support farmers in developing countries who have made coffee beans their livelihood. While coffee might make you a better person, it also makes the world a better place.