Nebraska Realty: Leadership From Within

I earned my Real Estate License about 5 years ago and have been with Nebraska Realty ever since.  There are strong leaders with influence at Nebraska Realty, like Andy Alloway, who continuously encourages me to grow and serve in the industry and community.

When I first began at Nebraska Realty, I found three of my personal mentors (also past presidents of The Omaha Women’s Council of Realtors): Deda Myhre, Jessica Sawyer, and Angel Starks.  These three women inspired me to be something more and have been significant influences on my leadership journey.  Deda has been an essential resource in my development by encouraging me to get involved in the industry and beyond.  Jessica continuously takes on new challenges and shares her experiences with me and other Realtors who want to learn.  And, Angel always sets out to make a difference and she’s often more concerned about the success of others over her own.  All three of these women dared to lead and continue to succeed at it every day.  They inspire me and are a big reason why I’m now serving as the 2022 President of the Omaha Women’s Council of Realtors.  

Women's Council of Realtors: The Legacy Continues

It’s such an honor to continue the legacy that these women and so many other women have built.  This will be my fourth year serving on the executive board and I’ve developed a passion for it.  There’s something about the Women’s Council that draws us in and I believe that something is the people and the relationships that are formed.  Not only have I made business connections, but many of them have become good friends.  Relationships and growing leaders are the core of this organization.  I’m excited about this growth opportunity and to bring value to our network. I hope to make a difference and to inspire other leaders to serve.