Nebraska Realty is dedicated to providing the best support and services to its real estate agents. With a large support staff and a commitment to delivering top-notch assistance, Nebraska Realty ensures that its agents have everything they need to succeed.

Support Services

At Nebraska Realty, the support staff is dedicated to assisting the agents with a wide range of services, including contractual, technical, marketing, and business management assistance. The office managers are available after hours to help with contract and transactional questions, and the staff has an open-door policy to ensure that agents can get the help and guidance they need.

Training and Development

In order to stay up-to-date on the latest industry developments, Nebraska Realty invests in ongoing training and development for its agents. The company has a new state-of-the-art training facility and offers a variety of classes to enhance industry knowledge and complete continuing education requirements. For new licensees, the Agent Academy provides one-on-one training, while the bi-monthly Rookie Roundtable offers learning opportunities from industry experts and the chance to discuss and collaborate with peers.

Specialized Assistance

In addition to general support services, Nebraska Realty also offers specialized assistance to its agents. This includes broker managers for guidance and expertise, support staff to handle day-to-day needs, a new construction manager to assist with builder reps and new construction transactions, a creative design coordinator for professional design assistance, and an IT/technical assistance manager to help with technical needs.

Professional Enrichment and Collaboration

In addition to the support and training offered by Nebraska Realty, the company also recognizes the importance of professional enrichment and collaboration. The company offers accountability and peer collaboration groups to help agents stay on track, celebrate their successes, and support each other through challenges. Nebraska Realty also has an in-house coaching program that provides information and motivation to help agents boost their careers.

Committed To Your Success 

Nebraska Realty is committed to providing the best possible support and services to its agents in order to help them succeed in the real estate industry. From training and development to specialized assistance and professional enrichment opportunities, Nebraska Realty has everything an agent needs to thrive.


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