Are you feeling cramped in your current home? It may be time to find something bigger and better.

When you buy a starter home, it's usually done with the understanding that as you progress through your career, get married, and start having kids, you're going to have to upgrade. Once you're settled in a home, it can be difficult to leave, but if you're running out of room, then the only thing you can do is look for a bigger house.

In this post, we're going to help you recognize some of the signs that you need a bigger house. The sooner you realize that it's time for a move, the more proactive you can be about looking for the right home, so read on and see if it's time for a move.

1. Kids On the Way

The most obvious signs that you need a bigger house usually have to do with kids. Whether your kids are getting older and need more space to themselves or you've got a newborn on the way, if your current home can't accommodate your growing family, then you need to upgrade.

Learning how to choose the right house size the next time around can be difficult, but with a good realtor that understands your needs, you can find one that'll give you more than enough space moving forward.

2. No More Storage

If you've run out of storage in your current house and you're still accumulating things, then you either need to think about a self-storage unit or a bigger house. A bigger house will always provide you with better storage options.

3. Clutter Everywhere

Even if your storage areas are holding up okay, when you start noticing clutter around the house, clogging pathways, and messing up the feng shui, it's time to look for a bigger place.

4. The Money's There

If you've got room in the budget to start looking for a bigger house and you already feel your home closing in on you, then you may as well start looking now. The housing market is always changing, so you have to take opportunities when they present themselves.

5. Thinking About Renovations

Thinking about putting an addition onto your current home? Save yourself the time, money, and hassle and put that money towards a newer, bigger home instead.

6. New Job, Working from Home

Big career changes often signal big changes at home. These days, it's the fact that more people are working from home that causes them to feel the need to upgrade. If you need more space to accommodate your home office, then you need a bigger house.

7. Your Home Value Has Increased

Do you need a bigger house? Maybe not for any other reason than climbing the property ladder. If your home value has increased more than you thought, then sell it and upgrade to a larger home.

If It Feels Like the Right Move, Get a Bigger House

These are some of the main reasons why you might want to upgrade to a bigger house, but you don't need a reason to do it. If it feels like the right move and you can afford it, then finding a bigger home is always a good idea. 

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