Service members sacrifice not only their lives for our freedoms but the stability of their families as well. 

Military families move every 2 to 3 years, on average. That's 10 times more often than civilian families. 

With constant upheaval and uncertainty, finding a stable, welcoming place to call home is a must.

Bellevue real estate is an ideal option for military families living at or near the local Air Force Base.

Are you a military family moving to Bellevue and need help finding your next place to call home? 

Read on to discover home buying tips for military families to help make your next move a smooth one.

Consider the Home's Selling Features

If you're preparing to buy Bellevue real estate, the last thing on your mind is moving again. Unfortunately, for military families that relocate often, you have to at least consider the likelihood of selling your home in the future.

What features of the house attracted you to it in the first place? These are some of the same selling points you'll use later on when it comes time to list the property. 

New construction homes are a great option for military families thanks to modern appliances and no preexisting structural issues. 

Investigate the local school systems and community safety to attract other interested buyers down the road.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Military families share a special bond over their sacrifices and circumstances.

If you're living near or on the Bellevue Airforce Base, take time to get to know your neighbors and other local military families. This is especially important if you have children. 

By creating friendships, you can rely on one another during tough times. 

Bellevue is home to several top-rated schools, attracting military families from across the country. Community programs like Joining Community Forces bring local businesses and organizations together to offer more support. 

Take Advantage of Special Services and Funding

Community groups aren't the only services available for military families that are house hunting. There are several resources available for service members moving to Bellevue, NE.

VA loans are a popular lending option for military families. While they're not always feasible, they can be extremely helpful when considering your financial options and budget.

Your local VA will provide an appraiser to determine if you qualify. The realtor you hire will determine if the home you're interested in meets the VA's loan requirements. 

If not, they can help research other lending options or find a home that does qualify. Once you determine your budget, you can start house shopping!

There Are Plenty Bellevue Real Estate Options for Military Families 

When it comes to finding the best Bellevue real estate property for your military family, there are plenty of beautiful homes and neighborhoods to choose from. 

Located near the local Air Force Base, we've helped countless military families feel welcome and at ease from day one.

Whether you're looking for new construction or a luxury property, check out our virtual tours and open houses for a peek inside what Nebraska Realty has to offer.