Celebrating a Decade

Often, when someone ventures into a new business opportunity, it can be difficult to have a vision for the first year much less the first ten years. But when Andy Alloway received the vision he transformed a real estate brokerage from a dream to reality, he knew exactly where he wanted to be in 10 years.

Nebraska Realty

“Interestingly enough, the vision 10 years ago was that we would have significant room for growth…and it’s amazing to me the amount of growth we have experienced,” Andy said. With a headquarters on Dodge, and offices in Midtown, Bellevue, Lincoln, and Council Bluffs, the growth mindset is hard at work, but not yet finished. In fact, there is no finish line in sight, as the need for a well-rounded organization like Nebraska Realty is in high demand. Real estate is more than just showing homes and completing paperwork. It’s about building up the community, developing solutions for residential and commercial needs, as well as for farming, recreation and investments. There is a different expectation and obligation to be more insightful to offer exactly what each client needs.

Andy Alloway Nebraska RealtyWhen it comes to community commitment, you’d be hard-pressed to find a for-profit company that does it better than Nebraska Realty. Even before Nebraska Realty came to life and Deeb was the name on the door, the company has always been about community. As the numbers of agents and offices increased, their focus to give even more increased. “Charitable giving goes way beyond obligation to us. It’s something we look forward to each day,” said Andy. Support of nonprofits and commitment to improve community is a concept almost required of businesses today. The people who make up the neighborhoods where business is done every day value the positive impact those businesses can have on their daily lives.

"Without Andy's leadership, honesty, passion and truly caring about each individual it would not have grown like it did. Andy is the most unselfish person I know." ~ Van Deeb

Nebraska Realty Andy AllowayAs for the next ten years, “We would like to continue our growth in new markets around Nebraska and Iowa, and even beyond,” Andy shared. Not only does Nebraska Realty measure growth by agents and offices, they measure it by the ways they incorporate technologic advances, creating and delivering solutions for affordable housing development, and the impact they can have on the community.

While progress and forward-thinking technology integrations will consistently evolve over the years, there are some things, Andy said, that will never change. “Gratitude, respect, and professionalism are the cornerstones of our company, and they make us who we are.”