In 2020, 5.64 million existing homes were sold. While the real estate market is a seller's market right now, you still need to do everything you can to improve your chances of selling a home quickly and for a great price. 

There's a lot that goes into selling a house and if you miss some important steps you might not get as much money for it as you could otherwise. Preparing your home well and taking the right approach to your sale is essential. 

Be sure to follow this quick and thorough home selling checklist when selling your house.

  1. Research your local market.
  2. Increase your home's curb appeal.
  3. Declutter and stage your home.
  4. Make minor repairs and updates.
  5. Find the right agent for you. 
  6. Create great home listings 

Research Your Local Market

One of the first things that you should do when selling a home is to learn everything you can about your local real estate market.

Make sure that you spend some time looking at other listings and similar homes that have sold recently in your area. Understanding the market will help you understand how to price your home and find buyers.

Increase Your Home's Curb Appeal

Improving curb appeal will help you give a great first impression to potential buyers and will make it more likely that you can sell your home for a great price.

Consider improving your landscaping, repainting the exterior of your home, adding outdoor lighting, or making other improvements to take your curb appeal to the next level.

Declutter and Stage Your Home

Make sure that you declutter as much as possible and keep your house clean and tidy.

You should also consider staging your home and resetting rooms to their original purpose. Home staging can make it easier for potential buyers to see themselves living in it.

Make Minor Repairs and Updates

If there are any minor repairs that you can make to improve your home then you should consider making them before selling. Making small changes and updates can help you sell your home faster.

While you may not want to go overboard and spend too much, making some small fixes can be well worth the effort.

Find the Right Real Estate Agent

While you can choose to sell your home yourself, it's usually a good idea to find a great local agent to work with. A real estate agent can help during the selling process and will handle a lot of the listing, preparation, marketing, and negotiating tasks for you.

It's a good idea to start speaking with agents early to find one that is knowledgeable and trustworthy. 

Create Great Home Listings

You'll want to take special care when creating a home listing and should ensure that it includes everything that could be important to a buyer. This should include information about the neighborhood, your home's amenities, and more.

Also, use high-quality media in your listings. Add high-quality photos and videos to show your home in a great light and attract more buyers.

Prepare for Showings

If you want to sell your home fast, you need to be ready to give showings when necessary.

Have a plan for where you'll go during showings if an agent is handling them for you. Also, keep your home clean and tidy at all times.

The more available your home is for showings, the better chance you'll have of selling it.

Getting Prepared With This Home Selling Checklist

If you'll be selling your home soon, be sure to use this home-selling checklist. Selling your house will go much more smoothly if you pay attention to every important part of the process.

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