5 Winter Lawn Care Tips

Muich like the rest of the Midwest, Nebraska endures frigid winter temperatures that can greatly affect winter lawn care. Many homeowners are surprised to find out that this dormant time of the year still requires some attention to lawns. Check out these five winter lawn care tips to grow healthy and strong lawns this coming year:

Cut It Short

Lawns that are allowed to grow long before witner can become a breeding ground for other problems. Longer grass can create a wet and soggy atmosphere for mildew and disease all winter long. Make sure to cut your lawn short right before the first hard frost to ensure that the grass root system doesn't become suffocated by too much foliage.

Clear It Away

Winter lawn care includes clearing any unnecessary items away from your lawn during the long dormant season. Move outdoor furniture to the garage and pick up any toys or sports equipment that could damage the grass underneath. This also includes any branches or sticks that have been dropped from nearby trees. If you haven't done so already, consider mulching fallen leaves that remain into smaller sizes that can be easily absorbed.

Add Some Energy

If your area still hasn't seen any freezing temperatures, consider squeezing in one last fertilizer treatment to give grassroots some energy. Using a slow release fertilizer will bode well for the weather. Other good energy sources include compost that can be purchased or use your own compost to support healhty lawn growth.

Tread Lightly 

Many homeowners thing that dormant winter lawns can't be harmed but grass can be greatly damaged in the winter. Too much wear and tear on a dormant lawn will damage grass and many cause the entire plant to die. Make sure to tread lightly on the dormant of frozen grass to keeep it safe from harm. A few times out on the lawn is okay for hanging Christmas lights or building a snowman but the majority of your outdoor yard use should be at a minimum. Refrain from making snow trails through your lawns that will see a lot of traffic as well.

Pull Pesky Weeds

The cooler the temperatures may make grass go dormant but there are plenty of weeds that will still flourish despeite the cold winter climates. Make sure to pull any weeds that you see. Weeds will tend to creep into bare spots or newly seeded grass areas so keep a close eye on those portions of the lawn as well. Do yourself a favor and get rid of weeds now before they become moster weeds in the spring. 

Following these winter lawn care tips will help in producing a strong and healthy lawn come spring. Make sure to pull wees and give your lawn one last short mow to survide the season. Clear away debris and add some fertilizer to help support dormant grassroots. Remember to tread lightly once freezing conditions appear to prevent dead spots. Put into practice all of these five winter lawn care tips to care for your lawn this season.

(About the author: Henry Walsh is a gardening writer and eco-conscious living advocate. He recently began his homesteading journey after many years of incorporating the principles into his urban lifestyle.)