Did you know that there are over 250,000 people who live in Lincoln, Nebraska?

While you may not have known that statistic, you may also not know much about Lincoln real estate.

This guide has everything you need to know about the increasing popularity of the Lincoln real estate market. If you are curious, keep reading to know the most important trends.

1. It's a Competitive Market

Much like a lot of the United States right now, Lincoln, NE real estate is a pretty competitive market.

So what does this mean? If you are buying, it may be tough, but if you are selling, you'll probably have a few options to choose from.

A competitive market for Nebraska means that new homes on the market get several offers. It only takes about 5 days for these homes to start pending, and they usually go for about 4% higher than the market price.

While that's the average home, homes that are considered to be 'hot homes' or ones that are pretty popular in the way of what buyers are looking for can go pending in 2 days and sell for up to 9% above the asking price.

2. The Job Market Has Increased 

Since the job market has also increased in the area, this makes the home market more competitive as well. With over 5,000 new jobs in the area, more and more people are planning to move to Lincoln, Nebraska.

This new number of jobs outpaces the national average of new jobs created. Because of this stat and that there is such a low unemployment rate in the city, many more people will be coming to Lincoln.

So what jobs can you expect to find here? There is a variety of homegrown, international, and national corporations in the city. Here are just a few:

  • Nelnet Inc.
  • Ameritas
  • BNSF Railway Co.
  • Nebraska Government
  • Public Education for Nebraska 
  • Bryan Health

Of course, there are many other job opportunities to choose from, too!

3. Know Where to Look

Much like most cities, there are certain neighborhoods in the city that have higher crime rates than others, and the same goes for schools as well.

So which areas are the safest at the moment?

  • Family Acres
  • Yankee Hill
  • HiMark
  • Yankee Ridge
  • Wilderness Hills

These areas are all great to be in. Here are a few of the neighborhoods that have some of the best schools:

  • Trendwood
  • Family Acres
  • Maple Village Wedgewood
  • Porter Ridge
  • Southern Hills

Choosing from these neighborhoods is some of the best that Lincoln, NE has to offer.

Lincoln Real Estate

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