Getting to Know Your Home

Follow Us On PinterestYou and your home need to start dating. No, really! You need to get to know each other in great detail.  I know we all spend a lot of time living in our home, but how well do we really know it? Could you accurately fill out a seller’s property condition disclosure that questions every little detail about your home and its story? Could you tell someone the AMPS in your electrical panel or find the water shut off for the whole house?

Often we don’t understand the working components of our house, especially the items we don’t use or see every day, until something breaks down or deteriorates and the repair man explains to us in great detail what needs fixing and why.  Sometimes, we even try to fix it ourselves without really understanding how it works and why it’s important.  And that’s alright if you have done the research, like googling your potential date!

If you had a home inspection when you purchased your home you got a nice report with great detail about the many facets that make your home function.  It is a great resource! Use it as a tour guide that takes you on a journey of discovery.  If not, start looking around, taking notes and do your homework.

Take some time to get to know what the biggest asset you own is, potentially. Who knows, you might really get to know each other and it will turn in to a long lasting union!

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