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20 Ways to Save Money and Stretch Your Household Budget

May 2, 2020



Lots of people are embarking DIY projects at the moment. Some are necessary projects that people are doing themselves because it's hard to find a contractor to come to the house. Others are simply DIYers at heart and know they can save buck. Regardless of the reason, you might find yourself considering a DIY Interior Paint Job.
This is a great idea, especially if you're going a bit stir-crazy waiting for everything to reopen. Also, nothing brightens up your house or apartment more than a fresh coat of paint. That said, it’s important that you don’t rush into a DIY interior paint job since it can lead to less than desirable results. Here are 6 Steps for a successful DIY Interior Paint Job:

DIY Interior Paint Job Step #1 - Measure First

A can of paint only goes so far, so it’s important to know just how much paint you need before you buy it. Most paint colors are mixed, so there’s no guarantee that paint mixed at different times will look exactly the same even if it’s all supposed to be the same color. A can of paint should cover an average of 400 square feet, though this can differ based on the paint type and other factors. To begin, measure the width and height of each wall and multiply to get the area. This calculator might be handy too. Be sure add the area of any ceilings if you’re painting them as well. Once you know exactly how much surface area you need to cover, you can check the coverage of the specific paint you’re getting and buy accordingly. The guys at the paint counter can help you pick the type of paint you should use.

DIY Interior Paint Job Step #2 - Make a Single Trip

Some areas are opening things up again, but it doesn’t mean there aren't lines and social distancing rules in effect. Figure out exactly what you need and make a list so that you can buy it in a single trip. Even if you don't wear a mask everywhere, take one with you in case the store requires one to enter. Also, try to go either early in the morning right when the store opens, or late in the afternoon when most people have done their shopping for the day, to avoid crowds & long lines. It's also wise to get all the paint in the same trip if you're color has to be custom mixed. That way you'll have the closest color match among multiple cans of paint.

DIY Interior Paint Job Step #3 - Prep Your Rooms

Don’t underestimate the importance of prepping. Fill any holes, sand rough surfaces and take the time to clean everything. If possible, wash the surfaces you’re going to paint with soap and water a day or two before you plan to start painting. Even if you aren’t painting them, you should also take this opportunity to clean the ceiling, baseboards. You've already got the rag & bucket out, right?  Remove outlet covers, light switch cover plates and anything else on the walls. Once the room is ready, be sure and use an appropriate primer to coat everything you’re going to paint before you start painting (again, the guys at the paint counter can help with this.) It may be smart to use a drop cloth or plastic sheeting to cover floors & furniture.

DIY Interior Paint Job Step #4 - Paint in the Proper Order

You might be tempted to jump right in and start working on the walls. Doing so can actually make things more difficult in the long run, though. If you’re painting your baseboards, start with them first. Move on to window and door frames, then the ceiling. Quick recommendation, my favorite purchase on my first DIY paint escapade is this brush. My husband and I still race to be the first one to grab it. Once all painted, give them plenty of time to dry. Put easy-release painter’s tape over the painted surfaces. Taping everything up means you can paint and not have to worry about getting paint on parts you’ve already painted. Any paint you got on the walls while painting the trim and ceilings will be painted over with your wall paint.

DIY Interior Paint Job Step #5 - Working With Tape

Putting down painter’s tape is easy but pulling it up can be very frustrating. A lot of people don’t think about the fact that paint from the walls will overlap onto the tape. This can pull paint off and cause unclean edges. Before pulling, take a utility knife and cut the paint right at the edge of your trim or taped surface. Pull the tape at a 45-degree angle behind where you’re cutting, ensuring a nice crisp edge to your painting. Just make sure the paint has dried for at least a day so that it’s not still soft or gummy.

DIY Interior Paint Job Step #6 - Give Yourself Time

When you start painting, allow yourself at least a few days per room. You’ll need time to prep the surfaces you’re going to paint. Allow time for the primer to dry plus time for the paint itself to dry. If you’re doing multiple coats, that time will be even longer. It will all pay off in the end. The extra time spent will result in a more professional look. Even coverage and nice clean edges are key. Once everything’s dried you can start put the room back together. Just give it a few more days before trying to clean the newly-painted surfaces.

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