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What is your vision?

I am genuinely interested in how you see your real estate experience happening. Your buying. Your selling. Tell me about the dream. 

About me?
Well, I am a new-ish Real Estate Agent but I've been searching and showing properties for twenty-five years as a Location Scout and Location Manager - for movies, television, videos, commercial photography, and the advertising industry. I helped movie Directors, Filmmakers, Creatives, and Photographers realize their vision.
What the heck does that mean?
As a Location Scout I have scouted properties literally from A to Z. Tiny houses to massive mansions, cabins to cul-de-sacs, working farms to active factories, and airports to zoos.
As a Location Manager I have met with families, HOAs, city councils, public works, and law enforcement to gain filming permission in neighborhoods, busy city streets, government buildings, and small town squares. I negotiated location fees, union crew rates, photo usage rights, production budgets, agreements and releases... In short; piles of paperwork along the way.
Based in the greater Omaha area, I am licensed in the State of Nebraska and available to consult with you about your potential transaction in the United States. If you are about to list your home for sale or purchase a new or next one, need commercial space, are buying or selling a business, or have friends and family at those points in their lives — I’d be happy to help you and them.

There is no such thing as a bad question. Reach out, connect, follow...   

Let's realize your vision.



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