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What is your vision? How do you see your real estate experience happening? 

Tell me about it. I mean the dream. 

As your Real Estate Agent I possess unique skills for finding spaces with practical, interesting design — and natural light. My experienced embrace of artists, photographers, and designers is an asset to those looking for a special place like a studio in their home or rooms or structures that can be or are already retrofitted from something else. Think old church or store or barn made into a home or business.
For the past twenty-five years, I searched and showed properties as a Location Scout and Manager - for movies, television, videos, commercial photography, and the advertising industry. I helped movie Directors, Filmmakers, Creatives, and Photographers realize their vision.
As a Location Scout I scouted tiny houses to massive mansions, cabins to cul-de-sacs, working farms to active factories, and airports to zoos. 
As a Location Manager I met with families, HOAs, city councils, public works, and law enforcement to gain filming permission in neighborhoods, on busy city streets, inside government buildings, and on entire small town squares. I negotiated location fees, crew rates, street closures, photo usage rights, production budgets, multiple agreements... and all associated paperwork along the way.
I am based in Omaha and licensed in Nebraska. With my professional family at Nebraska Realty, I am available to consult with you about your potential transaction in the United States. If you are ready to list your home for sale or purchase a new or next one, need commercial space, are buying or selling a business, or have friends and family at those points in their lives — I’d be happy to help you and them.

There is no such thing as a silly question. Reach out, connect, follow...    Let's realize your vision.



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