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Some look at real estate as simply property, something to own and to grow wealth.  Although it can be an avenue toward growing wealth, it can also be so much more.  Real estate can be shelter, comfort, memories, and a home.  To me, a home is a place of both physical and emotional security and peace. It resides in our hearts and memories.  It’s where we come back to. 

This can be why choosing the next house or leaving your current one can be so difficult.  We aren’t simply choosing or leaving a piece of real estate, we are choosing or leaving our home.  Something we have made ours, or something we will make our own. 

I intimately understand this as I have recently said goodbye to my home of over 18 years. It took me a very long time to find my new home.  I have moved many times in my life. As a child we relocated often for my father’s job. As an adult I was a military spouse relocating worldwide. 

Each move is bittersweet. I understand the excitement of mobility, as I still enjoy the idea of reinventing myself in a new environment. I have grown to appreciate continuity as I also feel the tug in my heart when leaving something we filled with memories and sentiment.

When my mother and mother-in-law transitioned from their respective homes I felt their struggle. They cherished these homes; they were more than houses to them.  So when I help those with illness and their families release their homes and ease the transition into more accommodating housing, I empathize with their situations. I have been there.

The need to "right size" comes at various stages of our lives.  I have been through and assisted in many phases. I will treat you with the respect, empathy and the patience you deserve.  I will assist in finding you a new home to steward and help find your current home someone else to shelter.  We can do this together. 



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