Commercial Leasing

Making the most of every opportunity

With a thriving economy and a pro-business environment, the area benefits from a robust market for commercial leasing that includes an extensive range of property types, locations, terms and incentives. To make the most of the opportunities it’s important to have skilled, knowledgeable and experienced representation – like the attorney-led team with Nebraska Realty Commercial Division.

Your Nebraska Realty broker is a valued resource for:

  • Understanding the market and how competition, availability and trends affect rates and pricing
  • Business networking and expertise that bring together the right space and terms more effectively
  • Knowledge of contracts and agreements to ensure your best interests are represented

The right space for your business

Finding the right space for your business is more than a matter of square footage. Your Nebraska Realty Commercial Division broker works with you to determine the specific needs of your business with a needs analysis process to determine:

  • Location and proximity to major thoroughfares, transportation, shipping, visibility and convenience
  • Amenity and service requirements
  • Availability of dock, storage, drive-thru or other special features
  • Parking availability
  • Amount of space required for offices, operations, common use areas, warehouse and other considerations
  • Technology requirements
  • Finish requirements and build-out needs
  • Growth and staffing projections and space availability

Based on the results, we target properties that best meet the needs of your operation. We also help you to evaluate the advantages and potential disadvantages that impact your decision or negotiating power.

Negotiating the best deal

There's no such thing as a "standard lease." So we make sure that the lease addresses the issues that are most important to you – from square footage, rights and liabilities, repair and maintenance, to renewal terms, assignment and sublet terms, ownership of tenant improvements and more. Our knowledge of properties and landlords can provide valuable insight in negotiations.

Trust Nebraska Realty Commercial Division to get you in the right space at terms that are right for you.

Representing a diverse portfolio.

Whether it's manufacturing and industrial, office, retail, storage or specialty – Nebraska Realty Commercial Division is adept in the handling of transactions for virtually any type or size business, regardless of the scope of operations.