Joan Rivers said it best: ‘Can we talk’?  I truly believe this is the number one priority when choosing a Realtor.  With so many terrific Realtors to choose from I think it boils down to which one do you feel is really listening and understanding what your needs are.

Though I’m a native Omaha guy I’ve spent nearly half my life in Colorado.  While there I spent a few years as a Realtor, had a couple of long term rentals and one fabulous little vacation rental in Steamboat Springs.  All of which required remodeling that I enjoyed doing myself.
I also picked up a certificate as a Solar Photovoltaic Systems technician.  I’m a pretty good source to talk about home energy efficiency. That’s something that makes the home a more comfortable and healthier place to live so it makes my top five list.
Whether you’re trying to buy your first home, upgrade to something larger or it’s time to sell, give me a call.  I’m listening.