About Me

I picked Nebraska Realty because of its effective programs, efficient services and enduring benefits for the client. It has friendly workplace and lots of room for growth!

Real Estate interest for me is following my father's love of properties, land and it's development, a passion that converts to his legacy.

I am a retired military officer from the Philippines, was in computer science school in Fort Ben Harrison, Indiana and completed my MBA at the University of Indianapolis. With the expertise and strenght provided by Nebraska Realty, these backgrounds could help me to be successful in my new career in Real Estate.

Respect and courtesy is a paramount value at Nebraska Realty. They lead to a number of benefits, including fruitful endeavors and better relationships with everybody, especially customers, peers and the communityl.

You will find me working responsibly, providing caring answers and quality services to your Real Estate needs...

That is what i am here for...