I would like to use this section to tell you a little bit about myself.  I am a mom to two wonderful kids, Ali is 16 and Nolan is 8.  My husband and I were highschool sweethearts still going strong 25 years later.  I am a very open and honest person when communicating with my clients, family, and friends, I just dont believe in sugar coating anything when it is what it is.  My goal when I take on new clients is simple...I treat them how I would expect to be treated, I am forthcoming with information pertaining to the transaction and I am pretty chatty so you may get to know me on a personal level during our time together too.  My goal when I work with you is to EARN YOUR BUSINESS with my EXPERTISE, my SIMPLISTIC ways, and my COMPETITIVE, GO FOR IT attitude because at all times I am going to bat for you!  There are times in this business where transactions dont go smoothly or a hiccup shows himself and when that happens, we tread cautiously and we conquer that obstacle. I am not the girl that will sugar coat much of anything because I firmly believe in cutting out the BS shenanigans but I am extremely easy to work with and I gaurantee you SUCCESS at the end of the day.  My clients that I have had the pleasure of working with may tell you that the road from beginning to end may not have always been perfect, because well, nothing in this business is perfect, however, they would hands down tell you that I went to bat for them and things turned out better than they thought or better than they could have ever imagined. Real estate is a passion of mine that started when I was a little girl following her dad around jobsites that he was working on all the time, my dad was a construstion business owner for 30 plus years and I was even fortunate enough to be given his name, he is Billy and I am Billi, I suppose they felt an I at the end of my name was more girly, idk...Long story short, I love this business and the smiles on my clients faces at the end of every transaction, it is truely humbling to know that I am a part of what is probably one of your biggest financial decisions that you will ever make in your lifetime and I would not change the ups and downs of this business for anything because at the end of it all, real estate is full of gratitude!  

Want to know more about me or need some assistance buying or selling your next home, you know who to call.  Look forward to hearing from you!

Clients Love Me!

Billi did an amazing job finding us our home! We had a lot of must haves and were in no rush to buy a house unless it met our criteria 100%. She didn’t waste my time showing me houses that didn’t fit, didn’t pressure us to buy something just to buy, and found the perfect home for us in a day. She was, and still is, available any time I call, and went above and beyond, making my first home buying experience extremely smooth. I will list my house with her when/if we decide to move on, and highly recommend her!

Nikki Hall

Billi is awesome. She knew exactly what we were looking for in a house. Wasn't afraid to point out problem areas during walkthroughs. She is someone you can truly trust and will do an amazing job.

Doug and Kendel Rowe

Billi paid attention to our needs and wants and certainly made us comfortable throughout the home buying/building process!!

Teneisha Obiaka

Billi provided tons of options and waited to provide the exact house for the right value. Recommend!

Matt Watson

Billi is very honest and patient. She doesn't mind explaining things to me in detail to help me understand the home buying process!

Jennifer Moran